Sorting Out The #NoProp60 Twitter Accounts: Follow @VoteNoProp60 UPDATED 9/9

Sep 8, 2016
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For the last couple of weeks a slew of NoProp60 twitters have popped up. At first I thought this was a good thing, after all, the more the merrier. But with all good things come bad, one account in particular came to my attention last week due to its aggressive social media behavior. On Sept 1, I DM’d the account on twitter the reply;

husband/wife talent and production team who host adult events across the US. we’ve got many accounts but really wanted to secure this one before some tool did just to sit on it and do nothing or post counter productive stuff . trying to look out for our brothers and sisters and keep this hashtag trending as long as it needs to. đŸ™‚

At that point I was good with that answer, but when others at the forefront of the NoProp60 asked, the answer’s kept getting worse and worse, add the fact that girls were saying the account was asking questionable questions thru DM, the account was again called to my attention.

So yesterday I sent this DM: People are beginning to question this account? You may wanna ID yourselves

I figured this is were they would say Sean, we are worried about repercussions or we are so and so so keep it quiet. No one out there can question my (TRPWL) hatred for Prop60 or AHF. Your secret is safe with me. Instead I got this reply:

Please publicly identify anyone opposed to industry anonymity that is requiring me to identify myself to represent a political refusal to divulge industry identities. Seems a bit hypocritical to me. You’re only one of 3 people who’ve asked me. One of which I told because it’s a playmate of mine and the other was some chick that was acting totally sketchy at best. Clearly not gonna identify myself to some random sketchy Internet chick. When you hire me I’ll bring my I’d, but until then your quandary is irrelevant to my actual expertise in the field. When I post personal propaganda then you can complain that I’m off topic, in the meanwhile every oponent to the proposition isn’t required to ID themselves to you and it frightens Me that this is your expectation when you have such a solid industry reputation and we’re supposedly on the same side of this matter. So you can’t promote the importance of anonymity then harass people to I’d themselves. Kinda contradictory. I’ll await the list of ambiguous “people” you’ve not id’d. Double standard much?

Lol. It’s way more then one person. So as do as you wish. People just ask me cuz they think I know or I’ll ask. Not sure when I promote anonymity. In fact, most people that are NOPROP60 are very open about it which is why this is so odd. I asked, you refused so it’s all good Figured that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t..

I didn’t refuse. I openly endorse my stance on my personal pages… which in fact you follow at least 1 of them. I just don’t see needing to ID myself on a page promoting anonymity. It’s a bit self defeating in mindset. And you won’t ID all the supposed people coming to you to micromanage the entire campaign so you shouldn’t expect the return. Everyone a performer or production company I’ve worked with has asked I have told them. I am not hiding simply because I don’t believe in making this page about me nor do I feel the need to comply to those pushy people who won’t answer my questions but expect compliance in return. You can believe I am whomever, it doesn’t negate the reality that I’ve been on hundreds of radio shows, in shitloads of b-budget horror flicks, in music videos, on magazines, spoke at most major universities on alternative sexuality, hosted majoradult events, was on screen talent, behind screen production, am degreed, have contributed to abnormal psych textbooks and collegiate programming, have been a standing supporter of ncsf, etc. Etc. You and your friends opinions fail to define my reality and I don’t take kindly to being cornered. If we start actively engaging in business you’d be given all my contact info no problem. But we’re not in a professional relationship. We just both happen to agree and support the same issue this time around.

Now this is a lie. I know of at least 4 A list porners as well as other high end people attached to the industry that got the same run around answers.. And this is totally ok..

At the time my DM convo is happening, Julia Ann was also publicly inquiring. Of course she got the same crap, and then the account tweeted this:


So the person who runs the account doesn’t even trust Julia Ann?  And since when is asking who’s running an account that claims to be the voice of NoProp60 considered “harassing”. LOL Reminds of this new buddy I made on twitter the other day.. Quasar sent him to troll me as a Labor Day gift, but that’s a story for another day ..

Outside of the aggressive please ‘follow me’ nature of the account, the account doesn’t appear to be doing anything malicious. The problem is, the account is trying to lead people to believe they are the voice of the NoProp60 movement and appear to be trying lull people into trusting them when in fact NO ONE appears to know who’s running the account.. The account is similar to the old PornCommunity twitter that would randomly bash performers while sayin they care about the industry.

Bottom line is at this point, the @NoProp60 account can’t be trusted and should be treated as such. It could be an account trying to get top level follows to use later on for something else, or it could be someone who truly wants to help.. But, its better to err on the side of caution..

This account, @VoteNoProp60 is being run by several people, including Julia Ann and Missy Martinez. No one can question their motives to the #NoProp60 movement.


I think someones feelings are hurt :



 Updated 9/9

Seems the account that only cared about Noprop60 has now blocked me


Even better, after tweeting to follow the New #NoProp60 account, they had a change of heart. Someone connected to the @VoteNoProp60 account sent me this:


Odd behavior for someone who says they have the best interests of the industry in mind…lo

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