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May 6, 2019
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(West Palm Beach, FL / May 6, 2019) —, a brand-new social network for adventurous adults, is pre-launching its sex-focused – and sex positive – website, inviting new users to come see a different side of social media at

The provocative site, currently in beta testing, offers a glimpse into the seven different sexual ‘worlds’ that new members can explore, and make private, personal connections based on their mutual interests, with user feed posting, video link sharing, commenting and ‘Heart’ button functionality, friend suggestions, private messaging, user followers and name linking.


Photo sharing is available to Channel Providers currently for public view, and users have a private photo vault that will allow them to share with approved members.

“Just a few years ago, the web gave people plenty of spaces to come together and explore their sexuality,” said founder/CEO Heather C. Montgomery. “But the large companies that control the Internet have put sexual content restrictions in place… and very quickly, the Internet – where we could search and learn privately – is becoming a sex-negative place.”

PleazeMe aims to create an empowering and informative community teeming with intelligent discourse through chat rooms and ‘channels’ that members can follow. By becoming a member during beta stage, early access users will have the ability to influence the content of PleazeMe’s features to improve their online experience.

With social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter losing market share and users due to censorship of sexual content and lack of privacy, private sites like are more than ready to welcome new users that want “a safe place to move about anonymously, express erotic and romantic desires honestly and learn from others – and teach others – in order to live their best sex lives,” said Montgomery.

“It’s time for a new, sex-positive digital community… that’s why we’ve built PleazeMe… during this pre-launch phase, we really need user input to make sure we build the best possible platform for erotic explorers.”

PleazeMe also offers an informative blog ( so new members find out more about the site and get started on a unique new sexual journey. To get started on the erotic journey of a lifetime, visit


PleazeMe is a private online space for adults looking to explore and discover their sexual desires and interests with other like-minded individuals in seven different erotic ‘worlds’ – soft and sensual or edgy and experimental – men, women, trans, gay, straight, bi, pansexual, demisexual, curious… all are welcome and included.

PleazeMe’s platform offers many of the same features found in popular social media apps, including photo, video and text sharing, user feed posting, commenting and ‘Heart’ button functionality, friend suggestions, private messaging, user followers and name linking.

All of PleazeMe’s communities are open for discussion about sex & sexuality without fearing censorship or banned keywords. PleazeMe is building content to improve users’ sex lives and relationships, keep them up-to-date on sexy events and sensual travel destinations, and soon, a sex toy store that delivers recommendations tailored to members’ specific tastes.

Founder/CEO Heather C. Montgomery created PleazeMe to challenge the status quo as it relates to the way people treat sex in life and as well as society, especially for women. “Healthy relationships with ourselves, with others and with sexuality increases our quality of life. I think many people are ready and looking for greater quality in their lives.”

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