Stoya Accuses James Deen of Rape: Updated James Deen Speaks

Nov 28, 2015
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This isn’t the 1st time Ive heard James Deen was abusive. There are at least 3 more alleged incidents Im aware of, one involving a A list industry veteran and anther involving a retired performer.. Im sure as time goes there will be more allegations

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Stoya 11-28-15 2b



So James Deen is in full denial mode which is to be expected. It wasn’t like he was gonna tweet, “Im A Serial Rapist”   Lets see, Stoya says he raped her, Joanna Angel says he’s the worst person shes ever met..Think about that for a minute.  She’s been in porn for awhile, shes crossed over into Hollywood and traveled the world as a member of the adult industry and she’s saying Deen is the word person shes ever met.. She then sub-tweets like she there’s more to come from her..




Old time stamp for the hillbilly


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  • There are shenanigans and uber capers of the highest order afoot.
    My gut tells me that there is something wrong here. My gut won’t believe it. Rape claims should go directly to the police before they go on Twitter. Rape is rape.
    This story has more too it in my opinion….

    Chris November 30, 2015 8:06 am 8:06 AM Reply
  • Yeah it’s a shitty situation all around. Sucks because I respect both performers and wish to disregard this story as another feud but this is serious…

    mutantmo November 30, 2015 12:09 pm 12:09 PM Reply

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