Stuck in the Friend Zone? FEARLESS Coach Shows How to Spark Sexual Tension in New Video

May 18, 2018
Press Release
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Brian Begin, a leading success coach and founder of men’s motivational brand FEARLESS, has just released an informative video, ‘Sexual Tension: How to Create Chemistry with a Woman’, available for viewing now at

In the new video – Part Two of a four-part unscripted educational series – Begin, utilizing the knowledge and unique perspective of FEARLESS model Lillia, demonstrates how to spark undeniable tension and a mutual connection with women.

“It’s about being direct, saying what’s really on your mind – even if that’s a little edgy, telling her how you really feel… but first, you’ve got to actually be in touch with those feelings in your body, and literally feel your turn-on and attraction for her,” said Begin.

“Some people teach how to create chemistry, but what they don’t teach is truly getting in touch with feelings and emotions… and then many guys will try to create tension from their heads, and it comes off as super weird and robotic. So Lillia and I go in-depth on actually feeling it in the video.”

Begin further explains that the key to avoiding the dreaded ‘friend zone’ is being comfortable with tension in conversation – something many men avoid out of the fear of awkwardness, but need to do in order to create attraction.

FEARLESS co-founder Dave Stultz adds that “guys are so afraid of a little awkwardness, but that’s part of the ride! You have to learn to enjoy it. And like Brian talks about, actually feel it.

“Lots of those weird ‘pickup artist’ guys try to turn stuff like tension and flirting into a technique rather than getting in touch with their own authentic feelings of attraction and turn-on, and then it comes off as fake.”

The full demonstration video of ‘Sexual Tension: How to Create Chemistry with a Woman’ with Brian Begin and Lillia is now up at Part One of the series, ‘How to Make a Connection with a Woman’, is available at

For more information about becoming FEARLESS with Brian Begin and Dave Stultz, visit

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