Synthetic Semen Courier from Money-Shot Magic Ensures Every Shoot Has A Happy Ending.

Jul 30, 2018
Press Release
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Synthetic Semen

The makers of the Magic Money Shot, a fake semen delivery device, is launching a new delivery service in the Los Angeles on August 1, 2018, area aimed at helping adult movie producers who haven’t yet come to a sticky end.

Magic Money Shot “Pro”

The mechanical pop-shot device and it’s magical contents provides adult film makers with invaluable woulda-shoulda-coulda insurance against talent who are having an “off “day. The system also provides a powerful way to increase ouput with multiple scenes – or even multiple endings to the same scene.

When a shoot isn’t going as planned, producers can order the Magic Money Shot at the same time they order the pizza, and chances are, it will be there before that flat box is emptied.

The cost of on demand redemption will be about $195 (not much more than a round of crew pizza), which includes delivery, a large bottle of Kum, along with the Magic Money Shot “Pro” device.

In most cases, the courier will also help set up the device and make sure it’s working before they leave, and may even operate, if invited.

Magic Money Shot also make the Money Shot “Mini” which has a shorter line and is designed for single operator use in POV production. Their artificial semen product “Kum” is made in two flavors. Strawberry and “authentic” for those that prefer the taste of… authentism.

For now, those looking for courier service will need to be shooting in the L.A. / San Fernando valley area.

For service call tel: (818) 492-2992.

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