Tara Akinlose’s Twitter Crusade Its Alive

Oct 10, 2011
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As most of you know, Fat Tara has been ducking and dodging lawyers for the last month. Her twitter account is screened on a daily basis by the people looking for her. But, Fat Tara can’t stay away. She always reappears under a another name, from a fake PWL account to accounts named after my kids. Tara is always around. This is one of my favs, she actually tricked Foster into talking to her. Of course, in true Fat Tara fashion – she deletes the tweets, and in typical Fat Tara style, she doesn’t delete them fast enough…LOL

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@januaryseraph @nnoelle dm?

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster I don’t wat to upset you. But notice MW openly works as a team with Fattorosi on Pink Cross

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster Same hatred of women as PWL. If it comes back as a profit venture we know who got the database

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster but it will be locked down better next time with no partner selling out the others

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster one thing you might not be open to hearing is Tara’s IP was common knowledge. Who is to say

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster the claims about who posted what weren’t a chance to get even and settle scores with lies

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster what do you think MW posted under other names. we already know how he is towards women

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster would you be surprised if they claim to discover IP posts from Shelley Lubben or January?

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster they can say whatever they want about who they target (tweet not deleted)

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster his contacting @slubben family reminds me of PWL tactics

@januaryseraph @nnoelle @monicafoster @slubben he threatens Pink Cross and then Fattorosi carries his water

Isn’t it great how Fat Tara tries to insinuate her PWL involvement was a frame job? LOL And the worst part is, only one person ever defended Fat Tara…but she looks to have Foster fooled into thinking she’s someone else. If anyone calls these tweets into question, we do have the originals. It was just easier to post them like this.

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Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

Tara, put down the pipe. Shelley’s own brother has affirmed IN WRITING, published here, that HE and his family contacted ME.

And how exactly does having Lubben’s family participate in a documentary exposé resemble posting kids’ pictures on a porn site – -like Tara did?

And now I’m working “as a team with Fattorosi”? This is getting good. I can’t wait until Sean and I are implicated in Iran-Contra.

11 years ago

Akinloser is the type that would let this stretch into an alternate service, ignore the lawsuit, have a default judgement applied to her and get herself arrested for contempt of court once it goes into a debtor’s exam (where she has to reveal truthfully about all of her assets in court or get arrested — if she doesn’t show, she gets picked up by the police from anywhere in the USA). Also, she could possibly face criminal charges for her involvement in PWL — if that happens, she would of course be picked up on a criminal warrant if she… Read more »

11 years ago

Haha. Ollie North has me on speed dial.

11 years ago

it’s great how not only fat tara tries to insinuate she was framed…they all do. every pwl sympathizer/supporter has had some weak excuse for posting false information on a racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, misogynistic hate site. the very females that are crying foul the loudest are guilty of contributing to the hate on pwl. dunno who they think they are fooling…

11 years ago

Tara was outing people’s kids before there was a PWL. She was using tactics that Donny Long borrowed from her to use on PWL. Tara Akinloser is the scumiest of the scum. The lowest of the low.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago
Reply to  cindi

I have to agree.

11 years ago

Nope, not Tara. What this all means is that because of the FSC’s involvement in crime, they will lose their non profit status.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago
Reply to  noway

Tara, nice to see you’re still with us. Thank goodness. What would the world be like without you and your inane postings to laugh at? Oh, and you’re a cunt. That’s all for now.

11 years ago

No, but how are you going to feel when the FSC’s nonprofit status is questioned because of this ignorance?

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