Tasha “Everyone Wants To Rape Me” Reign Is Teaching Frat Boys About Consent lol

Oct 3, 2018
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This is great. Tasha, who thinks everyone wants to rape her, is talking to college kids about consent.

Tasha, a graduate of the Mr. Zadir school of fake assault claims, is probably not the one you want teaching about consent

Using the freedom of information act as well as some old sources connected to a lesser blog, I was able to get ahold of a few lines from several complaints filed by Tasha

Detective- So what happened next?

T- Well the Captain told me it was only gonna be a 3 hour tour, but he lied. He purposely crashed the boat on an island so him and his “Little Buddy” could have their way with me

Detective – What did they do to you?

T- Well, they didn’t actually touch me, but i could tell they wanted to. They kept offering me coconut cream pie. I’m certain the pie was drugged.

Detective- So they brought drugs to the Island?

T- NO..They brought a friend who was a Professor, he most likely had a roofie lab, I think he wanted to rape me too.

Detective- Do you have any evidence? Would you be willing to take a polygraph?

T- You piece of shit, you’re victim shaming..I’m gonna make some tweets about you having HIV..

Detective- But I dont have HIV..

T- It doesn’t matter, haven’t you ever heard of Leigh Raven?

A few months later

Detective- So tell me what happened

T- Well this creepy guy kept asking me to be his neighbor. I think he wanted to rape me.

Detective- do you know his name?

T- I think it was Rogers, Mr.Rogers maybe.

Detective- You mean the beloved children’s character ?

T- Are you calling a rapist who plays with puppets a beloved children’s character?

Detective- Ok, did Mr Rogers ever touch you?

T- He wanted to

Detective- How do you know?

T- My psychic told me. I want him arrested

Detective- You know Mr Rogers died in 2003, right?

T- I see patriarchy is alive inside your rapist loving soul.. Now I’m gonna make tweets about you

Note from the editor: 

At this time, all these alleged rapists are still at large or dead





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3 years ago

OMG i seen this yesterday, It was immediately following the Riley Reynolds write up. I thought of you half a second after i read the title. “OMG TRPWL is gonna have a fucking field day with this”, hahahhahaha. Funny shit man. So if she is teaching these young men about consent who’s gonna be having sex at this university? Just the females i guess cause none of these dudes are ever gonna have a chance at getting laid being little timid bitches. Consent is everything, of course, but her level of consent would be having the guy believe they need… Read more »

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