The Greatest James Bartholet Story Ever Told

Sep 6, 2019
Adult Business
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Some of you may not know this, but I don’t like James Bartholet, he’s about as legit as the scam union APAG.  When he’s not tricking girls into doing content trade, inducting HIMSELF into the popular and legit Urban X awards, or buying coke from his Asian connect, he fancies himself a publicist.

James holds the distinction of writing the worst PRs in porn. I’m not making this up, when he submits them to AVN,  AVN has to bring in a paroled member of the Cali Cartel to decipher his coked up English.

Peter – What the hell did James say here?

El Jefe – No hablo el Bartholet demasiada cocaína!

Peter – What the hell are we paying you for?

El Jefe – To live Ese. Now lets go get matching tattoos.

So James lands a new client, by land, he just added her to his website, keep in mind, he sometimes adds girls without their knowledge,  then when a blog reaches out to him to interview the girl, he can then approach the girl and say hey, I got an interview for you, pay me.

Now, I’m not gonna name the girl, but a week ago, an interview appeared on a porn news site, the subject of the interview was tagged in a tweet, to which she replied:

Sep 2: This is an entirely fabricated interview I never met any of these people or did any of these things with them.
Sep 3: For everyone who read the fabricated interview about me: I dont know any famous people or have ever had any not worthy experiences to speak of with them. It’s not on my agenda.

Before I go on, it’s common for PR companies to make up quotes for clients, most of the girls in porn are too lazy when it comes to promotion, so they tell the rep to make up a quote. But this wasn’t a quote, it was a whole interview.

James pretended to be a girl and did the whole interview, without her permission or knowledge, then to top it off, he wanted money from her…

It gets better. Below is an excerpt from the fake interview:

Who are your besties so far?

Uhm, that’s actually pretty hard for me to pick out. I don’t know any girls really, I mean, I know them. But, I haven’t hung out with them. I think my bestie might actually be James Bartholet. He always calls me, asks me how I’m doing, encourages me. He’s constantly telling me, “I’m so proud of you, you’re doing so well.” It makes me feel great, he’s probably my bestie. 

Oh, I agree. James is probably one of the sweetest guys in the industry that I’ve met. He’s always so supportive and he’s such a good person for keeping you on task. 

Yes, I totally agree. Even when i wasn’t shooting, he’d always keep my head in the right place. He’s just such a great guy. 

I’d definitely say he’s one of my mentors in the scene.

Me too. He’s helped me a lot!

WHAT THE FUCK? Talk about fake news.

James pretending to be a girl talking about how great he is…lol

No wonder the girl was pissed, fake her just told the world that one of porn’s biggest predators is her best friend. It’s like saying you hired Scotty The Rapist (choose which one) to drive your drunk sister home, it’s not gonna end well.

Imagine being the writer who’s sending questions to what he thinks is some hot chick, but in reality it’s this guy:


Talking about how wet his pussy gets when he’s doing interviews, the writer getting a boner, maybe rubbing one out, then the next day, you realize you just jerked off to James Bartholet channeling his inner girl…lol

This is the equivalent of a corrupt detective getting caught..All news outlets now have to call into question all interviews done with James Bartholet clients, all the times the girl talks about taking two cocks in her ass might just be James, drinking cum and listening to New Order, James, Pizza Buffets followed by rimming some random gardener, James, getting lost in Compton then getting gangbanged  by the Crips, all James.

How long has James been doing this?  How many Penthouse Forum stories were actually written by James? Was the hot babysitter who banged the 16 year old she was watching really James?  We must get to the bottom of this, I need some answers. Is James the big fat lady with the sexy voice from the old 900 number days?  Holy shit man, how many of you talked dirty with James and didn’t know it.

Update: The girl actually fired James prior to the interview, and he did it anyway…

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Bloggers Suck
Bloggers Suck
3 years ago

So much time spent being a hater, really? All the good that you could do and you just want to spend your time attacking people and being a negative toxic asswipe? What a complete waste of a human being you are. You remind me of Kelli, another complete worthless excuse for a human being who spends so much of her time attacking others. You clowns were made for each other LOL! - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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