The Greatest Tweet EVER!! Plus a New TRPWL #Top10List

Jun 12, 2020
Adult Business
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james bartholet

Porn is a mysterious place full of intrigue, drama, love, and cocaine…

One thing that isn’t a mystery is James “Sniff Sniff” Bartholet.

My only question here is, did he tweet that before or after his morning line?

Trust me, this dude hasn’t been sober for 4 days, much less 4 years.

Here’s a list of 10 things more likely to happen before James Bartholet gets sober:


10. Dakota Skye getting a new laptop.

9. MindGeek cutting off Keiran Lee’s penis to collect on the 1 million dollar penis insurance policy

8. Brian Berke getting over his belly button fetish.

7. Johnny Goodluck’s Motor Cycle club beating me up.

6. Ginger Banks shutting the fuck up.

5. Johnny Castle’s business partner West Coast Kev not beating girls anymore.

4. Axel Braun cracking 3% on minority hiring.

3. Jonathan Morgan will stop telling companies a Nexxxt Level talent is unavailable for a shoot but his girlfriend is available.

2. Lauren Phillips stops lying about being a natural redhead.

1. TRPWL will let a sweaty Erika Icon sit on his face after she does two hours of cardio.

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Walter White
Walter White
4 years ago

OH MY FUCKING GOD the 10 most likely things to happen before that has me SCREAMING lmao

4 years ago

I have had a hot chick do it after an hour on an eliptical, just to see if i was tough enough to get the job done, under duress. My sense of smell is diminished from a pack and a half smoking habit, and it was still difficult. Worst part was 3 face washings and i still stunk off ass. Yer gonna need to jam Vicks covered fingers up yer nose to suffer through Icon’s putrid box funk & ass sweat.

3 years ago

In recovery parlance ‘Sober’ I believe refers to booze exclusively. While being free of psychoactive substances like the cocaines would entail being ‘clean’ rather than ‘sober’…So you BOTH win- Yay!

Hairy Belly
1 year ago

You are to right about that Belly button thing with Brian. Maybe good old promised him a few deep navel licks because this creepy moron has hired her to do publicity for AMA girls. She’s using the name Ariana Levi like she does at Fleshbot, but it looks like AVN has caught on and not run any of her stuff.

And of course, Brian is putting Dave [limp] Cock And Jonathan Morgan too shame, banging his models and “prioritizing” their bookings. Check his main girl Vivienne DeSilva and see what I mean.

Ariana's alter ego
Ariana's alter ego
1 year ago
Reply to  Hairy Belly

The only one who thinks Ariana is a real person is jack. Everyone else saw through that after a week or two - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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