The Real True Story About The Fake Test That Never Happened But Did Happen: Based On A True Story

Sep 30, 2015
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I’ve decided to come clean. Years ago I was hired by FSC. My job was simple. I was told every time a lesser blog wrote a story based on hate and lies I was to refute it. Over the years I’ve gotten rich due to one inept simpleton located somewhere far far away.

Sean what are you trying to say? Nothing really… FSC pays me by the word so I’m just trying to up my fee.

About 7 days ago I see this tweet. It’s from some random male star and director who may or may not be famous.


A few days after that tweet, I was approached by someone else and we decided to look into it. Nothing super important but definitely on my protect FSC list.

When it comes to writing about fake tests, yours truly has broke the last three. Is it really news anymore? There’s always some person somewhere that will try and cut corners. I kind of just blew it off; it’s like one of the things, do I really want to put the effort in again just to beat some poorly ranked blogger who pees in a cup? On top of that, Double D called me and said “Sean, the sky gets blue when the crows come calling” — Which is code for put this on the back burner, go do cardio and watch Longmire.

Flash back to yesterday, Mr Johnny-come-lately himself, the guy who claims press releases are confidential sources, decides he’s gonna “break the news” and of course, he wouldn’t be the AHF poster child without spinning this to new heights.

Apparently, according to him, this was all a ruse to stir interest in using PASS. Y’all know what PASS is right?? It’s the reason the likes of Cameron BayRod Daily and others haven’t been able to infect the talent pool. PASS is pretty much the reason performers are able to feel safe. Not as safe as the time tested vouching system used by that lesser blogger but pretty damn close. Apparently according to him, this fake test never happened.

Truth is he knows it did. He’s buddy buddy with Sixto from TTS. Manuel included TTS in the tweet. TTS even tweeted about it. Suddenly TTS is part of the FSC world domination plans? It wasn’t too long ago that Mr. Georgia/OSHA on every set was backing Shy Love and her TTS power play to control all of testing? Cha Ching…

Now it’s no longer about a fake test, it’s about some retard making up bullshit again. In between prank calling Christian Slater and phone sex with Desi Foxx, I decided to reach out to MY sources, one of whom happens to more respected then the Dali Lama, Clint Eastwood, Ed Lover and Hank Williams Jr put together, a source so honest the FBI used him in a plot to destroy Pixar…

My source told me “I’ve seen the test; the guy changed the date on the test.” He told me more but im not at liberty to discuss, lets just say it involved a Russian, a 5th of vodka and A Toy Story….

I have to go now, I need to invoice FSC for 518 words and 64 little dots……

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