Things Moe Johnson Forgot To Tell The Press

May 18, 2018
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moe johnson


Things that Moe forget to tell the press:

The scene was shot in June, released on July 23rd, not December like Moe claims..

 After that scene, Moe shot another scene for Dogfart.

After being Racially Harassed, Moe had no reaction, him and his scene partners sat down and started laughing..Maybe the shock of being “Racially Harassed” hadn’t set in..Maybe the standard time to be affected by racial harassment is 7 months..

 Moe’s Dogfart issues began when he came back from Europe during the syphilis scare. People didn’t want to shoot several male performers, him included.. 

Moe, asked for work from Dogfart In January of this year, 7 months after he was allegedly “Racially Harassed” 

Moe alleges Dogfart creates and sells “racist content to it’s racist customers.” 

But he shot over 50 scenes for Dogfart, when they were paying his bills, was it racist content? Was is “racist content” when you (Moe) repeatedly talked about a “fat white asses” or said “crazy ass white people”

Maybe it was and Moe is just a sell out who will do anything for money? can’t have your cake and eat it too

Lol Someone called ME racist yesterday because I defended a “white guy”, but when you search this site, I’ve called out more racist porn behavior by white people than any other blog in porn… Hell, I even fell for the Jovan shit that turned out to be 100% false…Yea, the usual suspects fell for that shit too, the same ones that are up in arms over the Moe Johnson stuff, and when it was all said and done, and Jovan came out and said it was all a lie, the usual suspects looked stupid…

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…..

And I like how Nikki Benz is now pro Moe, she wouldn’t bang a black dude for like 12 years and no she’s the Canadian Dorothy Height..And don’t get me started on Tasha’s black dick dodging…




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2 years ago

Moe is just looking for a free payday and he figures he can make bank off this. Long known for having “wood” issues (Shane Diesel too) which is why companies don’t jump to use him on shoots. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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