TRPWL, Mike South, Evil Angel, FSC and Mark Spiegler

Apr 1, 2014
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Once again, Mike South is trying to avoid telling the truth.

Instead of just admitting he doesn’t practice what he preaches, he’s attacking the messenger. For the most part I really don’t care what Mike South, Rob Black, Monica Foster or the rest of the anti-porners say about me. My life is so much more than porn…

However, the one thing that bothers me, which I’ve never publicly addressed, is the accusation that I get paid for the views that are expressed on this site:

Yup The Free Speech Coalition sure knows how to pick em….Just like picking Uncle Peg to do a smear campaign on me and others. If you take a look at that joke of a site you see one advertiser….Evil Angel….Know who pays for that ad? Christian Mann as in Board of Directors of the Free Speech Coalition Christian Mann. When your only advertiser tells you to run a smear campaign…you do it.

Note to Rob Black…Just damn dude at least they are getting paid to spread that bullshit…or maybe you are just sucking up hoping Christian will throw you some scraps too? I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you…

That’s a quote from South, and in his defense, he’s just one of many that say that. Rob Black said it just the other day and Foster repeats it daily.

But the statement is par for the course for Mike South, in that it’s not only sensational, it’s a lie.

Evil Angel has never paid for a background ad; NO ONE has.  Moreover, Whiteacre has been putting South on blast for his lies and his pro-AHF agenda way longer than we’ve had an Evil Angel movie as this site’s background.

The background ads are given to Spiegler girls for the most part — Dana Vespoli, Penny Pax. I’ve put up Will Ryder’s stuff — not for money, but because it makes Foster mad. Whiteacre’s friend Axel Braun has had one and so has Vivid. I’ve never made a dime off the background of my site.

The TRPWL-FSC payroll rumor has been going around for 2 years, at least. People assume that since my buddy dated one of the people employed by FSC years ago that somehow I finagled some money out of them. Has anyone ever heard Diane Duke or JC say anything nice about me? Ever seen them refer to me or my site?

Just the other day, Duke basically let the world know what she thinks of my kind:

Duke, when asked a question on porn moratoriums and players in the industry, said that privacy issues remain a large concern during the halt in film production and that she only speaks to the mainstream media because the group has to keep rumors at bay.

Does that bother me? Not really. I’ve never been on FSC list of cool people. I can’t even follow their Twitters:


Gee Shawn, then why do you support the party lines?

I don’t support “the party lines” — I happen to share some of the same beliefs as FSC.

I believe in the right to choose whether you wanna wear a condom or not.  I believe that adult performers need and deserve a system of testing standards and test result verification. FSC has some good ideas, I don’t let politics or money get in the way of what I think is right.

Three years ago I started TRPWL, and along the way I’ve meet some cool people. Mark Spiegler has been around since the beginning and I consider Spiegler a friend. Mark doesn’t have to call me and say ‘Dana has a cover’, or ‘Penny is in a new parody’. I find it and I put it up.

In three years, Spiegs has spent around 50 bucks on me — like 4 meals — which is about how much he spent on a random porner’s meal during AVN. While we were eating (13 of us, on Spiegs)  Mark went over to another table and dropped 50 bucks on their bill, chatted for a min and left. That’s why you only hear three people talk bad about Mark and hundreds talk bad about other agencies. And that’s why when those three do talk shit I’m so quick to respond.  If any of you really knew Mark you wouldn’t say shit about him.

No one can buy me, not Mark, Mann, or Duke; no one. I’m motivated by what I think is right. TRPWL isn’t a ‘work’, and I don’t look at everyone as a mark. South and Black both like to work the crowd, I don’t.

According to Alexa rankings, South is the top dog. But he and I both know he got there: through dishonesty, backdooring, and blackmailing people. No one has really ever challenged what he’s written, out of either fear of getting ripped on his blog or because they don’t care. Because certain people have chosen to stay silent, they are as much to blame as South is. Maybe I will bring this to light, maybe I move on… who knows?

Of course none of what I just wrote will change the anti’s views on why we do what we do; this post is for the people who have wondered why I’ve never addressed it. After this post I don’t intend to talk about it anymore.

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Deep Throat
10 years ago

The allegation that one must be getting paid to take a certain position says more about the person making the charge than it does the one he has accused. It’s the same idiocy I hear from Shelley Lubben — “Whiteacre s being paid by the porn industry to destroy my ministry!” My total cash outlay for my Lubben videos has been about $1500, spread out over three years. Even Rob Black could afford that! In any case, the entire reasoning of this argument is fallacious: in the end it even doesn’t matter whether or not someone was paid to say… Read more »

10 years ago

It makes me sad to hear that TRPWL doesn’t take payola. I always thought porn blogs were fueled by the desire for pay offs and bjs. To hear this now is almost as disheartening as when I heard that squirt was in fact pee. Im gonna go watch the Allie Sin lesbian bukkake walk off and think back to my lost innocence. P.S. South is capable of a screen cap, he should try taking a cell phone pic of the clean test he had that was less than 30 days old when he shot that broad. I think i have… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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