TRPWL Spotlight: Jay Taylor

Sep 15, 2015
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jay1 (2) Jay’s views on vag hair make her an instant candidate for the porno hall of fame…Not the Hall of Fame that AVN runs, the bigger more popular one that all bush supporters wind up in.. Sadly, with all the political unrest right now im not at liberty to disclose the Bush Hall Of Fame headquarters location.  As my Grandma used to say,  always bet the inside track, and never pour water on your Fruit Loops..And that’s all I got to say about that..




Why did you decide to do porn/how did you get into it?
To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t able to get any other sort of job, so I started camming, and I really enjoyed it. Once that got slow, I sent in my application to

How did you pick your stage name?
I wanted something androgynous… and I liked Taylor Swift.
When did you shoot your first scene?
January 10, 2012

What was your thought process when it came to signing with ATMLA?
The entire time I’ve been performing, I’ve been looking for an agent that fits well. Atmla is technically my fifth shot.

Where are you from? Do the people back home know you shoot porn?
Southern California. And yep. They’re supportive, for the most part.
What is your Porn To Do List?
Gangbangs and DP’s would be cool… just have to get past that pesky anal barrier…
Who is on your Porn To Do List?
I’m the Pornstar Hunter. 🙂 Pretty much everyone.

Do you have a porn BFF? if so who is it?
Riley Reynolds! I click best with drug free smart girls who are business savvy and want to be here. Odette Delacroix, Larkin Love, and Star Nine are a few others.jay11

Will you be at AVN in Jan?
Yes! A family emergency prevented my attendance last year, so I’m very excited for 2016.

What are your feelings about vagina hair?
It’s decorative, and distinguishes between women and girls. Why get rid of it?

Have you ever had to shoot a scene with a girls whose vag wasn’t in the best condition odor wise? 

Of course. But I prefer that by far to vinegar douches.

What are your thoughts on mandatory condoms in porn?
I’m not down with mandatory… Causes chafing and makes sex harder. I think it should be optional.

What living celebrity would you like to have sex with?
Alton Brown

Where can your fans find you? (twitter and stuff)
My clips for sale and everything else is though @yippieskip

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