Vietnam will never legalize sex work: Deputy PM

Dec 27, 2014
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vietnam prostitution

Vietnam will not see prostitution as a legitimate profession but the country will take cautious measures to combat it to protect human rights, a deputy prime minister has affirmed in response to suggestions that sex work should be legalized.

It is Vietnam’s consistent policy not to consider prostitution legal, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said at a national conference to review the 10-year implementation of the Ordinance on Sex Work Prevention and Control organized in Hanoi on Friday.

vietnam prostitution
Deputy Prime Minister Dam added that anti-prostitution measures should be taken on the basis of human rights protection.

He also warned that a number of relevant agencies have ignored prostitution, allowing it to continue existing.

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
8 years ago

All those well-meaning radfem advocates for the elimination of sex work must find themselves ever so pleased to be in the company of nations like China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and now Vietnam where prostitution is rampant, illegal and brutally repressed. Naturally, such places have excellent records when it comes to zealously protecting women’s rights. Make no mistake about it, the suppression of sex commerce is most rigorous where women have the least freedom and are subject to the most heinous abuse. You’d think that westerners who consider themselves progressive would make that connection. Instead, their silence on… Read more »

Deep Throat
8 years ago
Reply to  Ernest Greene

“To them, a boob job is as much a symbol of cultural repression as a burka.” Well said. However, I don’t think the maoist radfems really mind being in the company of those despotic nations al that much. Their cause is about politics, not women, and has been for the last 47 years or so. Allowing women their rights, and control to run their own lives and bodies as they see fit, is the cure for many if not most Third World ills.

Mercedes Carrera
Mercedes Carrera
8 years ago
Reply to  Ernest Greene

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