Vixen Drops The Hammer on Thieving Motley Models

Jan 24, 2023
Adult Business
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Motley Models, the wannabe Spiegler Girls had quite a few issues at AVN/AEE. In fact, I regret not going as I missed out on a lot of good stuff. Fortunately for your ole’ boy TRPWL, everyone tells me everything…

Yes, I called Motley a wannabe Spiegler, after all, that’s the benchmark of success. Motley constantly tries to compare themselves to Spiegler, but Motley is more in the OC or ATMLA grouping.

We should have TRPWL sponsor a fight to the death, George vs Ryan Kona, Winner takes all. Of course, Spiegler doesn’t force his to girls to sign contracts, or NDAs. So in the event that Ryan throws contaminated meth laced Cocaine in Georges face, sort of like The Great Kabuki did to David Von Erich, Motley would get nada. After Peter Warren used his totally bitchin’ CPR skills to revive George, I’m certain Ryan wouldn’t last 20 seconds.

Never fear, I would never let Ryan get contaminated drugs into the venue, I’d hire a drug sniffing dog to sniff Ryan (I would have the dog sniff Bartholet too but his body is 60% cocaine from Pon), this ensures George doesn’t get paralyzed by Ryan’s bad cocaine. But this could also lead to issues with the Motley girls, what if a few of them found out we had a dog on the premises? I have to weigh the pros and cons. George losing conciseness to Ryan’s tainted Asian cocaine, or Fido winding up with herpes?

See what I did there, I added that dog reference in a way for me to link to the Dog sex post. It’s called journalism.

BTW, the only thing keeping XBIZ from hiring me for $3000 a month is I would never be caught dead using this stupid little dot comma –> ; <–.

Now let’s block out the dog sex, NDA’s, meth laced Cocaine, and fight to the death and focus on Vixen and Motley…

Let me preface this with, I don’t piss in cups, never worked for NASA, certainly don’t book bukkake scenes off Craigslist or through Coxxx, have never been beaten up by a stripper, and am only 95% certain this happened. After all, I know people that attend porn conventions fairly regularly. Side note, only like 51 of you got every shot I took in that paragraph.

At AEE, Motley Models performers were selling prints and dvd’s from the various Vixen brands. They didn’t have permission to use the images (Dave Rock was in charge of having images printed, I imagine the girls were just given stuff by him) and Vixen gave them a cease and desist. This was day 1 or 2 of the show.

Motley kept selling the stuff, Vixen security/whoever came and put tape on everything. (Unclear the specifics of this) and I guess said Motley is no longer allowed to purchase any Vixen DVD’s.

I’m surprised Dave would think this is OK.  Porn is like the music biz, bootlegs and pirated content does millions a year in damage. But what do I know, I’ve been hiding from Jessy Jones hit-man and am not up to date on the latest piracy news..


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