Weinstein’s Anti-Porn Crusade Could Cost Calif. Tens of Millions of Dollars: Legislative Analyst’s Office

Mar 4, 2015
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According to a report by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, a proposed state ballot measure that would ALLOW ANY CALIFORNIA RESIDENT to sue an adult film company, performer or distributor, could cost the state tens of millions of dollars through loss of massive tax revenue.

Weinstein's Crusade Could Cost Calif. 'Tens of Millions' of Dollars, Says Legislative Analyst's Office

The Legislative Analyst’s Office, the California Legislator’s non-partisan fiscal and policy advisory, suggests that the proposed initiative could result in the migration of the billion-dollar adult industry from California or underground.

“The state stands to lose tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue, and thousands of vital jobs for what is essentially a one-man moral crusade. This analysis supports what we’ve been saying for years. It’s costly and wasteful and would ultimately hurt performers,” said Diane Duke Free Speech Coalition CEO.

Performers have largely opposed similar legislative proposals, taking the position that any effective regulation needs to begin with performer choice.

The proposed ballot measure would result in a taxpayer-subsidized office that would be tasked with the review of every adult film shot in California to establish that a condom was used. Additionally, under the proposed initiative, Michael Weinstein, head of the controversial AIDS Healthcare Foundation, could be sworn in as a quasi-Attorney General, a position paid by taxpayer dollars, and could only be removed from that post by a vote of the California Legislature.

“Weinstein’s obsession with adult films will cost California tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue and will result in a loss of critical services for our communities, said Duke.  “Weinstein wants to line his pockets with taxpayer money and appoint himself as Attorney General.”

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[…] this month, the non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office reported that the initiative would cost the state “tens of millions of dollars” through loss of […]

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