What Do The Rub PR’s Erika Icon, Charlie Sheen, & HIV Positive Talent All Have In Common?

Aug 16, 2019
Adult Business
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Erika, scumbag PR to scumbags wrote up another masterpiece today:

Talk about clickbait. The title forever ties porn to a guy who rapes underage girls, like porn doesn’t get a bad rap already. But this is Erika, she’s a total fucking POS..

When you read the PR, Epstein is hardly mentioned, certainly not connected to the adult industry.

As far as I know, Erika doesn’t have anything in common with Charlie Sheen or HIV positive performers, but who cares, its all about clicks.


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Puppy Love
Puppy Love
3 years ago

Hey XXX Jay my mommie Sandra handed your ass to yah huh.
We booked doggie porn with Nigel with two of our talents and there ain’t shit you can do about.We are not afraid of you or doxing anymore you creep.

Nate (Webcam Startup)
Nate (Webcam Startup)
3 years ago

Just seen this PR hit a couple sites and I was shocked that *ANYONE* in our industry would want to make any kind of connection between porn and Epstein. Thanks for calling them out on this!

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