Who Had 17 Sex Partners In 22 Days?????????? #NoProp60

Nov 1, 2016
Adult Business News
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Below is an excerpt from a Pro Prop60 piece written by one of AHF’s henchmen

A case in point: In 2014, after testing negative for HIV, a 25-year-old performer during the next 22 days had sex with 17 partners, 12 of them not in porn industry. But the test was falsely negative. The performer had HIV and two of his partners caught it as well.

That’s horrible, Prop60 must pass so that the people of California can feel safe.. In my Billy Mays voice, But wait, there’s more.

The 17 guys in 22 days didn’t even happen in California, that scene was shot in Nevada, and would be outside the reach of Prop60 if it passes. The “2” positive partners were the male talents live in boyfriend and someone they played with after hours.. This most likely wasn’t even an onset transmission, which makes the condom on set thing pointless to the “12 guys” this performer allegedly had relations with off camera..

Not only that, the scene wasn’t PASS approved and everyone showed up with paper tests, one performer had a substandard test but yet the shoot went on as planned..How many forged tests have I reported in the last year, 5 or 6? So many it’s not really news anymore..

Better enforcement of that rule by Prop. 60 will not just protect adult film performers but also provide the public with safer sex models.

Whats a sex model? Is the Dr. Richwald implying that people learn sex from porn? Porn people didn’t invent anal, blow jobs, or gangbangs..

I’m gonna go on record and say porn isn’t even original, with the exception of Quasar’s fine films, most everything on you see on film was done long before there was film..

The first porn I saw was at least a year before I had sex.. It was Dick Man and Throbbin, a super hero story that showcased John Holmes and Tom Byron as great Americans, they dressed up as super heroes, then they would go around and do super hero stuff to chicks who needed super heroes.

About a year later, im parked in a cornfield with some chick visiting for the Holidays..I used a green condom, she called me by her BFs name, and not once did I try to get her to blow me, or let me invite a friend wearing a super hero costume over..I stumbled around, took my Spidermman mask off, and got the penis in the vag, which as everyone knows makes you a man.

Truth is, 99.9999999999999% of all HIV cases dont even happen on a porn set, or to pornstars..It happens to us.. That’s why every time I have a threesome with Spiegler and Abella, I wear my Spider man costume and a condom, civilians are dirty..

And before any of you ask, the condom was the color green, it wasn’t some tree hugger hippie condom made of recycled water bottles..

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Kristi K
Kristi K
7 years ago

LMAO. Yes let’s hope your condoms weren’t made out of recycled water bottles

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