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Dec 10, 2011
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Julie is always the voice of reason. She’s a great person who’s only crime in life is making friends with the wrong people…myself and Michael included. She’s been slammed by a some for it, the small few have talked about her past, her family and her state of mind. But people like Julie Meadows are what the porn world is missing. Julie is the definition of a real friend. She doesn’t pick and choose who shes friends with based on the wind direction, who’s hot in the biz, who’s writing the checks or who others hate. If half the porn world had her views on loyalty, there would have never been PWL and the state of the business wouldn’t be what it is now.

This is a comment she posted last night…another one of those hot chicks who doesn’t need spell check…

I don’t think moral intention matters one bit here–same with Lubben. I think this is about getting the audience. MF will probably rail on me now for saying anything at all (which is what bullies do when you call them on their sh*t), but I think her motives are whimsical and carry her wherever the wind blows. One minute someone is “awesome” and “great” and the next they are “evil” and “devil-worshiping”. I got a call once about how great Sean was, and then a site was erected posting his photo and talking about his children.

I’m sorry, but parents can choose how and when they talk about their proud creations. It may be difficult to do when you work in porn, but that is not for cyber-bullies to dictate. I read a tweet where she stated something akin to ‘Sorry guys but I had to mention someone’s kid to prove they were stalking me.’ There has never been a more incredible oxymoron. Really? You had to cyber-bully someone about their kid to prove they’re following you on Twitter? To her “stalking” means merely “following” her online, public activity. The way someone follows a favorite t.v. show. If someone is praying your kids die, you’re stupid not to pay attention to what they’re posting publicly. And if it’s public, it’s fair game. Praying someone’s kids die… Think about that. Think about what kind of person it takes to think such thoughts.

I care what I put out into the world because I know my social networking outlets make me a public figure. This is someone I trusted with an email and passwords leading to posts on my personal blog about my own son–and not many people actually read my personal blog at all. I’m not just beyond porn (years after being a performer), I am human and had a personal moment about my personal life. Hell, I called her on a particular day when I was having a problem with my son’s girlfriend. That’s how close I felt to her. I trusted her. Her advice to me? Horrible. But I laughed and she laughed and that was that. I didn’t ignore her issues, but I did look beyond them because she painted a picture of herself that was believable enough if you didn’t know she actually posted model’s personal information on Porn Wiki Leaks. “I hang out there,” she said. Not “I am a poster who outs people’s information for fun.” One minute Misty Stone is an important person and the next, someone with a bad weave? Nica Noelle will find out quickly enough, should she ever question MF’s motives. I had the benefit of watching Alex, or Monica–whoever her personality is at the monent–suggest my relationship with my son was less than stellar. And her sympathetic followers tweeted me as a cry baby, even though I admitted openly that I did, in fact, cry when she accused me of coercion. She has accused me of many things via her little sadistic Twitter world, but when the audio and cameras are on her, she acts so convincingly like the victim. “Why would this person do this to me?” Why would Will Ryder hope you kill yourself? Maybe because you have been bullying him so thoroughly for so long that he’s past the point of sanity? Possibly? Maybe his idea of porn isn’t great, but he complimented you for months before breaking down and saying something negative. He put up with her implications and hurtful remarks for so long–well documented on LIB, btw–before he suggested he wished she’d killed herself (and then very “geekily” admitted ‘There I said it’), that I was surprised he’d waited so long to say anything adverse to her at all. She had posted texts and voice messages from him and Jeremy Steele, and neither sounded threatening at all. They sounded like desperate people completely baffled by the personality flip, who were pleading she take the defamatory posts and videos down. “Please take that down.” “I sympathize with you.” How is that “stalking” and “bullying”? How is that anything other than a plea for mercy from someone who pulls PWL tactics? She jumped on it like it had just cropped up without her prodding and hoping it would happen. Yet how can you claim to care about someone else’s kids when you will hang out with trolls and invite their wrath upon your own family? After the bullying her own family endured, how can she pull in the innocent children of people she’s certain are her enemies just because they don’t agree with her on every little thing? (Or are just jealous because they might like someone better than her?) Calling CPS on someone because you started a fight by erecting a site and talking about their kids?? At what point is the line drawn here?

I read recently that I invited bullying upon her, except that I didn’t know she posted Capri Anderson’s physical address for strangers to gawk at. I had nothing to do with that site (www.derekandrewhay.com turned http://www.pornwikileaks.com), and when she told me they were harassing her, I advised her to ignore them. To get away. Bullies feed into the attention you give them, and I have no other choice but to determine that she has chosen to make her money the way Shelley Lubben has. To play victim, to conjure up replacement “stalkers” where there are none, and use a play on words to lie and paint herself a certain way and defame people who don’t deserve to be attacked. I know I don’t deserve it. How is it that if I’m wrong in my affiliations that I don’t deserve some kind of personal email, first, alerting me, but rather defamatory remarks from a hostile and hysterical person who doesn’t care about personal relationships? Thank you so much for returning my incredible and generous friendship, MF.

I let her come to my house and drink wine with me, yet at the time she posted links to “worsenightmare1?s” pastebin posts outing my personal information and that of others, and even after that, someone called “”worsenightmare2?–two entities with harassing and bullying posts made directly to her, and around the same time she was online, and ending when she herself was offline–none of the posted links include her information? A huge section of the middle of those posts didn’t include her. Why would someone go out of their way to harass and bully a person who is a regular target through the PWL effort, and leave out an entire middle section that doesn’t include the person who is the main focus of the bullying? Why stage a bullying directed at one person, and that person not be in the linked .jpegs? Why, why, why… Maybe “staged” is the appropriate word here. I’m not accusing, I’m stating facts and speculating and would like a real and sincere answer to that question. Why was she so blatantly bullied through these dummy accounts and yet nothing of her person AIM information was shared at all? That makes no sense whatsoever… unless…

You posted images that she logged on as different identities and bullied herself on the PWL site. How long will it take for her sympathizers to realize she is playing the bully and victim role–against herself–for attention and money? AND praying her imagined bullies lose all of their money… and their lives… and their children’s lives… If that’s what God and Christianity is about, I want to part of it.

I think MF has learned how to make money through negativity. I don’t have kinder words for some of my friends and what means they’ll use to keep their names active in the adult industry, but every time I see her write something evil about death and killing her enemies, I just see someone desperate to remain relevant, who doesn’t know how to actually care for others and who really needs human contact, rather than virtual contact.

Sean, from the bottom of my heart (just my personal opinion), let her go. Stop paying attention to her. She just wants your attention, no matter what kind she gets. It may amuse you, but it feeds her ego in a very vile way. She’s not the first person who’s buddied me into liking them through manipulation, but hopefully, she will be the last. I introduced her to “stalkers”? She contacted me about MY documentary. I didn’t contact her. She found me somehow and emailed me. (The only actress to approach me about my project.) I think she saw me as a meal ticket, the way she sees Nica as a meal ticket and everyone else she compliments for a short period of time. I didn’t invite anything upon her. She did whatever is going on in her life, to herself. Just another Shelley Lubben…

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11 years ago

Julie, i have been reading your blog for some time. i admire your ability to extend compassion and understanding to individuals – even those who, in my mind, don’t deserve it. only someone who possesses a genuinely pure heart is capable of doing that.

i’ll second what Sean said. yours is a voice of reason, in an ocean of crap. thank you for sharing your wisdom and enlightened insights.

Julie Meadows
Julie Meadows
11 years ago

Thank you, Sean and Witega. I feel my mind fragmenting over all this whatnot, but I’m trying to get past it. I appreciate your kindness. I used to be able to laugh at stupidity and philosophize myself into a certain way of dealing with the madness, but as my surroundings become calmer, the activity in my mind is crowding me. How can someone “pray” (meditate, exert focused energy, wish purposefully, etc…) on someone’s child dying? How evil must one be to hope someone’s child dies? She is someone’s child. Why all this hate? I adore you and Michael. I’ve got… Read more »

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

A friend forever, Lydia. I certainly haven’t been the easiest friend to have over the years — oh boy! — but you always inspired me and your compassion kept me going, along with your love and support (even the times you really let me have it)! At least we can always talk it through, and never have to resort to creating wikis on each other.

You and your awesome husband mean the world to me, and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for anything in the world. No matter what, I’ve got your backs.

Love & respect, A

Anthony Kennerson
11 years ago

Much love and respect from this ‘Dog, too, Lydia/Julie….and cosign Wit and Mike +1,000. All I am is an outsider and a civilian attempting to make the most out of understanding an industry I feel to be as legitimate as any other, with all its flaws and bad apples and assholes and freaks and lunatics…and you have helped me so immensely with your willingness to open up with your own experiences. Heck, I almost feel as betrayed and manipulated by what Monica has done as you have, since she fooled me as much as she fooled you. And, even our… Read more »

Julie Meadows
Julie Meadows
11 years ago

Ha! Yes, no wikis. 🙂 Shit happens, but when you care, you work it out.

Thank you Michael and Anthony. I love you guys.

11 years ago

if you don’t quit popping off you’re all getting wikis!

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