Tristan Stadtmuller Files Police Report On Alexandra Melody Mayers: Tales from the Tardside: UPDATED

Jun 28, 2015
Tales From The Tard Side
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This came to my attention a few weeks ago, I debated posting it or not as both Tristan Stadtmuller and Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers love to see their names on my site and are starved for attention..

Stadtmuller vs Foster has all the making of an epic battle with both the winner and the loser winding up in a padded room. “Tristan mumbling “it puts the lotion on” While somewhere else Fosters sitting in a corner rocking back and forth hoping the PNT news team or her Jewish Ex Military commando boyfriend is gonna break her out in time for her to walk the red carpet with Todd Bridges ..Both Foster and Stadtmuller are capable of shooting up a post office, killing puppies, slow roasting an unsuspecting homeless person over an open flame, or even worse, falling in love with each other and god forbid, have a little TrisFoster..

Im a nice guy

Im a nice guy

According to Tristan, everyone’s favorite wine drinking cross-eyed serial killer has been “harassing” him..Keep in mind this guy tweets, blogs and harasses Foster 24/7, and of course not to be outdone, Foster tweets, blogs and harasses him nonstop as well. Its Madden 2016 for retards and each knows all the super stalker codes.  Foster, who allegedly has filed 1879 police reports in the last 3 years claims shes filed one against this all around great guy as well.  Ive yet to see it, but my fingers are crossed

Someone sent me the unedited version.. Apparently Tristan is fearful for his life  LOL

Tristan Police Report

I predict this ends in a suicide suicide disguised as a murder suicide disguised as a suicide murder since both will argue who gets to murder and who gets to commit suicide..

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