Cherokee D Ass

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1. Bio

·Cup Size: 36 D
·Waist: 29 inches
·Hips: 52″
·Height: 5′ 4″

“Here goes a little info about me. Men always tell me I have the perfect mix: part African American, part Spanish and part Indian, very exotic! Not to mention my big bubble butt that men can’t get enough of. I let them play with my big black ass however they like, so long as they give me a good hard fucking when they’re done!”

“My measurements are perfect and juicy and famous all around the Internet! Since the first time I stripped my big black ass naked and filmed a hardcore ass fucking scene ‘D’ Ass has become a internet phenomenon. See my ample and luscious curves for yourself and read about what kind of trouble I get my fine black ass into!”
~Cherokee D Ass
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