Donny Long

Donny Long’s last known phone number was +669–1491–9546. But, just like the cowardly little bitch he is, he changed it when ‘fans’ started to call him.

WARNING: Donny Long is a suspected pedophile,
currently hiding in Thailand to avoid an investigation

A fairly recent photo of Donny

Donny’s Thailand Marriage Certificate

Donny’s Lair In Thailand

Donny Long is known as ‘Farang khi-nok’ in Thailand.

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  • Donny Long is Monica Foster’s Overlord. He calls ALL the shots and Foster obeys. In fact, rumor has it that not only does Donny Long own Porn Wiki Leaks hate site, he also owns all of Foster’s hate sites, which would mean, in essence, that Foster is nothing more than Donny’s mouthpiece.
  • Donny Long and his other half Monica Foster live by the motto, “No proof? No problem. I’ll just make up lies as I go along.”


Donny Long is suspected of trying to solicit child pornography, while hiding out in Thailand, as evidenced by a recent tweet from his account. It should be fairly obvious to anyone just how mentally and emotionally disturbed he is.

It has been brought to our attention that not only is Donny Long a suspected pedophile, but he also appears to have a necrophilia fetish - or, at the very least, fantasies. But what kind of a sick, twisted individual has fantasies like this, about his own father and grandmother? Why would Donny say such a horrible thing about his father? Perhaps Donny’s sexual sadist tendencies were inherited and he can’t help himself. And, of course, Monica Foster is right in there with him. She has perverse sex fantasies of her own. You can read about them on her wiki

  • Donny Long is a suspected PEDOPHILE, who fled the USA for Thailand to escape charges and engage in sex with underage children. Authorities suspect he chose Thailand because it is extremely cheap to live there, and authorities in Thailand turn a blind eye to the underage sex trade and child pornography. As long as one does not insult the King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, it is okay to abuse children.
  • Donny frequently posts photos of underage children on his hate site in a effort to exploit them, because he is a pervert, not because he is seeking revenge as he claims. His revenge claims are merely a ruse Donny uses. He is aided in this sick of obsession of his by his girlfriend Monica Foster. Most people agree that these are the desperate actions of a bona fide coward.
  • Donny Long is an online predator and stalker. Most disturbing is his penchant for stalking minors, and then making fictitious and derogatory claims about said minors in his poorly written wikis. He often posts photos of minors on porn sites. This scumbag is truly a disgusting pig. In fact, he is so disturbed, he will buy domains in the names of his underage victims to post his lies, hate and slander about innocent children.
  • Donny Long is a misogynist. It is common for him to refer to women as whores, cunts, hookers, etc. He will also accuse them of having HIV, or engaging in acts of bestiality. He will use every derogatory term he can think of, with his pea-sized brain. He is uneducated and ignorant. In fact, he seems to quite enjoy being abusive towards females and children.
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT add a profile to Donny Long’s scam site. If he gets pissed off at you, for any reason, he will create fake wikis, filled with lies about you, your children and your family. You have been warned. Don’t whine about it after the fact, if you end up being another one of Donny Long’s victims.
  • As well as being a compulsive and pathological liar, Donny Long is a very stupid individual. He is malicious and he lies about EVERYTHING - where [geographically] he is, how much traffic he gets, how much money he earns - nothing he says should be construed as truth.
  • He makes up whatever lies please him, about anyone who disagrees with him, then publishes this slander on his hate site, which no one visits anyway unless they live in Thailand. If people don’t agree with him, they are met with a barrage of bullshit from Donny’s meth mouth - threatening more lies will be added to their ‘wiki’.
  • More threats that typically follow Donny’s initial onslaught include, but are not limited to, family members being called, making false reports to authorities, contacting places of employment and the list goes on. All this makes Donny Long an amateur blackmailer. He’s a total loser, always trying to play with the big boys. But the only game he has are his lies and his fake wikis.
  • Donny Long has the emotional quotient of an eight-year-old school girl. He uses multiple twitter accounts to carry on conversations with himself and retweet his lies. Donny does this to give the impression that other people actually talk to him. This, of course, is not true. No one [in their right mind] can stomach talking to Donny Long. He has no twitter followers to speak of, so he buys bot followers.
  • His websites are flagged as SPAM sites by Twitter and Google. His links all lead to pages on his site that the internet considers spam. He also employs spoof urls to lure unsuspecting traffic to his hate site.
  • Donny was recently diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.
  • To Recap: Donny Long is an anti-Semitic, failed porn performer, [who has to be of the slimiest porn mopes ever *shudder*] bigot, misogynist, hypocrite, fraud, scammer, meth amphetamine addict, coward and dirty, lying cunt who wants, more than anything, to be a legitimate player in the porn game. Donny Long and well past her sell by date, pathological liar, low life skank ho, who also wishes she was a legitimate player in the porn game] Monica Foster ran the racist, hate mongering, master of false reporting website, Porn Wiki Leaks. PWL, along with these two losers, are loathed by the entire porn industry.
  • Of course, if you are a ‘cup half full’ type of person, you can always view it as a positive sign if Donny attacks you. It means he is extremely jealous of your success, and finds you to be a threat to his make-believe world.

2. Latest Acts Of Donkey Stupidity

WTF? Donny proclaims he is Ni**er Rich!

Excuse me? You were eating WHAT, Donny? hahaha That is sick…but not in a good way.

Donny Long: Twitter Troll
  • Oblivious to the considerable amount of time he has spent exploiting other people’s children, by posting their photos on porn sites, etc. Bitch Boy Donny whined, cried and sniveled to Twitter when his own offspring’s photo was posted on a Twitter profile. Hey Donkey! CATCH! you big fucking CRYBABY! Go get mommy to change your shitty ass and suck her tit for a while!
  • If Donny Long is such a law abiding citizen, why is he trying to solicit tricks, escorts, porn star escorts and escort agencies in Los Angeles, via his EscortMLS website? It reads: We are looking for escorts, porn star escorts, and escort agencies. Escorting is illegal in California and most other states, Donny. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

It’s easy to see why Donny is such a gross, disgusting pig. His father is a creepy old man pervert! ‘The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.’

Let Donny’s mom Joan know what you think of her son.

3. Gay Basher Donny Cranks Cocks!

Once again Donny has proven what a hypocrite he is. Donny Long sucks cocks. We don’t even have to resort to lies about him. We’ll leave that to Donny’s substandard website. Anyone Donny decides to bash, he will slander because that’s all he has. Add this to the fact that he is a bigoted, white supremacist nazi weirdo - yet he is biracial himself. No one can explain Donny’s hatred towards God’s Chosen People, The Tribe. Donny claims he is Christian, but it is quite obvious he has zero understanding of what such a claim entails, much like his girlfriend, Monica Foster

Donny Long Licking Balls

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4. Bio

  • Donnie Long, also known as Donald Carlos Seoane, Donald C Seoane, Donny Long and Donny With A Y, is a failed porn actor who allegedly contracted herpes and has since declared war on the industry.
  • Since his forced retirement he has been seen in Thailand in the company of what some say is a 11–13 year old girl.
  • The US authorities are currently investigating him for several crimes, including: stealing medical information, hate crimes, child pornography, engaging in lewd behavior with animals and sexual battery.
  • BEWARE: Donny loves to dress up on twitter and pretend he’s a girl. He actually spends most of his time impersonating other people. He assumes a porn industry persona, in an effort to spoof unsuspecting people to visit his hate site, to read his lies and slander.
  • Donny is obviously bisexual, but sadly, he is in total denial about his sexuality.
  • Donny doesn’t have the ‘nads to confront anyone IRL, so he resorts to being a cyber-bully - always hiding behind a fake screen name. In fact, when confronted, he will cower in fear, like a little girl
  • Donny is known to suffer from frequent bouts of explosive verbal diarrhea. It is best to ignore his asinine ramblings.
  • Due to having an incredibly low IQ [believed to be below 70], Donny is unable to think for himself. Thus, he plagiarizes syntax he sees other people using. He tries desperately to embellish, but he ends up sounding exactly like the dimwitted fucktard he is.

5. Career

  • Donny always had an up-hill battle to find gigs within the porn industry. It is said that he is simply too ugly and finding talent willing to fuck him on camera proved too difficult…no matter how much money was offered as compensation. It is said within the porn industry that Donny is on countless NO lists.
  • According to industry sources, Donny allegedly contracted HIV from a transsexual he meet at a bar, then turned around and tried to blame it on the porn industry. After trying to forge his AIM tests to get work he was blackballed out of the industry and he vowed revenge.
  • Donny’s only career legacy will be the fact that he leaked the AIM database online, then proceeded to out everyone on it, by publishing real names, addresses and phone numbers, etc. on his hate site. Not only did he out everyone, but he slandered them with his fake wikis, and terrorized them by other lowlife means. Because of this, Donny will only be remembered by the porn industry for his treachery and for being a douchebag.

6. HIV

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7. Personal Life

In his blog, Donny affectionately tells his readers about his imaginary super rich bisexual raving girlfriend. She allegedly buys him stuff and the two travel the world together, fucking chicks along the way.

According to Donny, she is the love of his life. Sadly, she proves to be very elusive…BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T EXIST. Alas, she is just another one of Donny’s lies.

In reality, Donny Long is so gross and disgusting no females will go near him. He had to buy a Thai bride from a mail order catalog. Donny’s wife leads a miserable life. He pimps her like a cheap whore and beats her regularly.

For someone who is always lying about allegedly having large bank, Donny spends an excessive amount of time trolling everyone’s twitter accounts, looking for anywhere to inject his filthy self into a conversation. Donny does this in an effort to spread his lies and hate, and draw traffic to his scam site. Donny Long is a parasite — always lurking, trying to spread his vile disease of envy, hate and intolerance to others.

8. ’Fan’ Art

Cum Face Donny Long

Donny Long - The Undisputed IMPOTENT KING of SPAM

Oprah Channeling Donny Long

Dildo Donny

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9. Favorite expressions:

  • Dance Bitches Dance!
  • ROLMAO [sic]
  • Gay Fag [oxymoron]
  • gay jew child rapist suitcase pimp
  • I’m A Porn God!

9.1 Expressions Donny SHOULD Use

  • I Heart Shit!
  • I Heart Dogshit!
  • I WISH I was a porn god like Mark Spiegler…*sigh*
  • My asshole is smarter than I am!
  • I Beat Women
  • I Am A Convicted Felon
  • I Slander People
  • I Hate On Successful People
  • It SUCKS to be me!
  • OMG it’s Justin Bieber! [yes, it’s true] Tough guy Donny is a bileber. That alone should be sufficient to get him before a firing squad.

10. Aliases

  • Dooky Long
  • Donkey Long
  • Donnie Long
  • Donny With A Y
  • Various colorful expletives too numerous to mention

11. Video

11.1 Donny Gets His Ass Kicked By Thai Hookers

11.2 Donny Long Shoots Porn With A Shitty Ass GRAPHIC GROSSNESS

Joe Blow [aka Michael Tierney] And Donny Long

12. Known Associates

  • Underage females
  • Dogs
  • Sheep
  • Michael Tierney aka Joe Blow
  • Patrick L. Norton aka Marcus Destin, Failed Male Hooker

~Biographer’s note: Long, Tierney and Norton spend most of their time circle jerking and performing anal sex on each other…but Long’s very favorite pastime is giving his buddies blowjobs.

13.  Links to External Articles And Sources


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14.  Donny Invites You To Visit Some Of His Nemeses:

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