Ginger Lee

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1. Bio

*Height: 5í2″
*Weight: 106 lbs
*Measurement: 34C-25–34
*DOB: November 25, 1987
*Macon, GA

Ginger Lee is a former porn actress who gained notoriety seemingly overnight when caught up in the Weiner Gate scandal [as the Congressman Anthony Weiner incident came to be known]. Lee and Weiner allege they never had sex, but she admits to wanting to have sex with him on her website. According to Weiner and Lee they just exchanged some raunchy, sexually explicit emails and were sexting.

Ginger Lee was born in Macon, GA but spent much of her life in the Nashville area. According to her website, her interests include: feminism, cool photos, advice, stripping, modeling, random rants, etc.

2. Career

What makes Lee unique in the porn industry is a complete lack of tattoos, a really thick Southern drawl, and the fact that she has lupus, which she explains in-depth on her website.

Lee starred in adult films such as: Legal At Last #4, Doctor Do Me #2, Momís A Cheater #2, Sex Toy Teens, Teenage Whores and Sweet and Nasty Teens.

3. Links

Official Website

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