Luke is Back

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  1. 1. Bio
  2. 2. Rumors
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1. Bio

She’s been referred to as a Porn Goddess. Her Blog site is one of the most popular in the world. Before her blog Luke Is Back, she was a Hollywood regular. It wasn’t uncommon to see Cindi at red-carpet events wearing the latest fashions. She grew tired of all the TV and movie offers an decided to quietly walk away from the limelight to spend her days retired with family on their 7000 acre ranch.

2. Rumors

  • Was stalked by Kim Kardashian after Cindi refused to star in sex tape with her.
  • Was offered Paris Hiltons role in A Simple Life but turned it down based on being to smart to play stupid.
  • Was onset with Brad Pit during filming of Mr an Mrs Smith…rumored to be in possession of Brads Dick pics he sent her.
  • The Dahli Lama sometimes seeks guidance from her.
  • As a activist allegedly broke into CIA headquarters and stole secret microfilm that contained Kennedy’s assassins first and last names.
  • Used her connections to locate Osama Bin Laden then turned him into the FBI but refused the reward.
  • Was offered 15 million by fleshlight for her own fleshlight model which she turned down saying, “This pussy cant be Copied!”

3. Check Out her Links

Luke is Back

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