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  • Recently, it has been made quite obvious that Donny Long is, in actuality, Foster’s Overlord. It seems she is always seeking his approval, for some unknown reason. Evidently, she enjoys being used and degraded by scumbags. In fact, rumor has it that Donny Long owns ALL of Foster’s websites, in addition to his own hate site…which would mean, in essence, that Foster is nothing more than Donny’s mouthpiece. So much for the strong, confident, independent woman she claims to be.
  • Monica Foster and her other half Donny Long live by the motto, “No proof? No problem. I’ll just make up lies as I go along.”

The following images are recent screens from one of Foster’s countless troll accounts. As you can plainly see, she advocates child rape and other forms of abuse…things she claims to be against. Then again, she claims to be Christian, as well. Everyone but Foster knows that isn’t true. Keep in mind, this is Foster talking to Foster. She’s not talking to someone else…

  • One of Foster’s current twitter troll accounts is @TruthBeacon. Check it out if you want to see a scumbag in action and see for yourself who the REAL stalker is.

Foster cares what happens to middle and upper income youth, but couldn’t care less what happens low income youth? …how strange.

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Monica Accepted An NSF Check For Sex!

Introducing Monica Fostard!

Gangstalking Monica The Gangstalker

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Here’s Foster trying to solicit some Valentine’s gifts.

Monica is the daughter of a gay man and a not too bright mom. So, it was only a matter of time before she went crazy herself…spending her days on twitter praying for child deaths and trying to link Bill Cosby to kiddie porn - everyday she goes just a little more off the deep end. If she’s not camming to pay her bills, then she’s accusing someone in the industry of wrong doing. Recently, she has rekindled her sinister relationship with fellow failed porn performer Donny Long

Foster is not truthful about ANYTHING. Typically she attacks women who she’s jealous of. She recently launched a barrage of bullshit websites in an effort to slander as many people as possible. Monica Foster, or Alexandra Mayers [as she’s known to the bail-bondsman who bailed her sister out of jail] is a certified stalker.

Monica Foster is a compulsive, malicious liar. Be careful if you come into contact with her as she will make up stories about you if you refuse to fuck her. Also, if you do have sex with her, please wear a condom. Monica was forced out of porn after herpes outbreaks couldn’t be controlled. She was chased off her last porn set after it was discovered she was in the throes of an active herpes outbreak.

Monica’s thin grasp on reality has devolved to the point of enabling her to create a faux religion based on nothing more than hyperbole and her own set of fake ‘commandments.’ These so-called ‘commandments’ came straight from her sick, twisted mind - not from God, as she claims. In fact, Monica is so delusional, she even compares fellow scumbag Donny Long to Jesus Christ, and makes sick jokes about the Jewish Concentration Camps.

The only voices that would ever speak to Monica Foster are of those of the demonic variety. Monica’s karmic reward will come when she is dragged back to the pits of hell from whence she was spawned. There she will spend eternity in the role of lair slut to all the demons and vile creatures that dwell within…sucking on demon dicks and receiving rough anal sex from Satan himself.

The reason Monica so strongly advocates mandatory condom laws is due to the fact that she may never again be able to have sex without a condom. The risk of exposure to Monica’s Herpes would be too great a risk to whomever is unlucky enough to be her sexual partner.

  • Foster outed her entire family on PWL. She constantly lies about it and has attempted to blame everyone else for it. However, NOTHING that comes out of Foster’s bucked tooth mouth is to be believed. She lies about everything. In the real world, Foster lives a lonely, miserable life. In fact, She is so alone she has to create pretend people.
  • As of current, Foster lives in Henderson, Nevada, where she works as a hooker.
  • Please use great caution when interacting with Foster. According to a legitimate source who had direct contact with her, Foster is ‘mentally ill, armed, drunk, and very dangerous!’
  • One of Monica Foster’s recent depraved acts was creating yet another blog, pretending to be the KKK and using said blog to degrade and make threats towards another black female performer. There truly is nothing that is too low for this uneducated, low class, bargain priced hooker.
  • Foster, just like her ‘God,’ Donny Long is no stranger to filing false reports to authorities. As far as wasting valuable time and resources that could better be utilized for legitimate crimes? Who cares?…not when Foster can lie, [for no good reason] with no proof of any wrong doing and make herself look like the complete idiot she is.

A collective sigh echoed around the planet when
Foster announced plans to remain childless. Everyone
did a happy dance upon learning the world be be cleansed
of toxic Foster hate when she dies!

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