Sheena Ryder

Age: 27
Height: 5′4″
Weight: 130
Bust: 34B
Hips: 39″
Shoe size: 7
Dress size: Medium
Shirt Size: Medium

From WHACK Magazine:
“Well, Iím southern Californian, born and raised, twenty-seven years old. Iím going to be a lovely twenty-eight in January, but I donít look it, so thatís definitely a plus! Sex is my biggest vice. I wanted to be a Playboy model when I was fourteen years old, but when I was eighteen, I joined the military instead. So I went into the service and got my medical training without having to pay for it, but after a while I got tired of being told what to do. Iíd gotten in trouble for a few things and could get an honorable discharge, so I figured Iíd just quit while I was ahead.”

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    I’m talent with 101 Modelling. Bootylicious, bi-furious, fem-dom that loves sex so much I figured why not get paid? So now I’m in porn, always keeping it classy.


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