30 Things More Important Than Measure B

Oct 3, 2012
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For about 2 weeks now, a very small portion of the talent pool has taken part in a publicity campaign aimed at increasing awareness about the condom mandate vote in LA County called MEASURE B. Measure B is basically asking that all porn performers and web-cammers use condoms.

Of course, TRPWL is against this measure, as is the majority of the talent pool. My line of thinking was, if everyone united for a common enemy, The Adult Industry would kick AHF’s ass…

How could AHF’s unlimited amount of money keep up with a bunch of hot porn-chicks and their millions of fans? Money is one thing, but public interaction has a way of making things even.

So here we are, two weeks later, and it would appear MEASURE B is an after thought for some of you. But after checking out about 150 twitters, I can see why. Some of you have much more important things going on. I’ve compiled a list so people wont judge you 33 days from now:

1. 5 dollar gold shows
2. Weed
3. Peg Bundy
4. Cat poop
5. Sushi
6. Mary Jane
7. Follower count
8. E-Cards
9. Bringing back lost
10.Elevator ride up to 7th floor
11.Amazon wish you don’t really like but have
12.Waxing appt that you canceled but don’t have time to reschedule
14.How bad you need dick even tho you shot for 11 hours today
15.Crooked nipples
17.The waiter at the restaurant you were afraid to talk to
18.Your Bang-Bros scene that came out 4 months ago
19.Romneys money
21.Your boyfriend, the one who hates you shooting, but you think he will get over it
22.Fighting other porn chicks
24.Apples make cum taste like bananas ??? I don’t even get that one
25.Asshole bleaching
26.Sticky icky
27.Follow Friday- cuz its so affective
28.Your dog’s new sweater
29.NFL Replacement Refs
30.Your period

These are just some of the tweets that are out there. Am I asking you to tweet 1000 times a day about why measure b sucks? NO.. But how hard is it to tweet once a day or every other day.

If one of you tweets a VOTE NO ON MEASURE B along with a VOTER REGISTRATION link and your 5 porn pals re-tweet and so forth down the line before each day is done you will have reached a couple hundred thousand people. Now, imagine the impact over the next 30 days…

Some of you like me, some don’t. Some of you like FSC and some don’t. We aren’t the only people at the party. I’ve created a VOTE NO ON MEASURE B FAN PAGE that’s open to anyone and their VOTE NO links. Promote any VOTE NO YOU WANT. Just do your part, it’s all I ask.

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