A Naked Chick And A Horse Carcass

Nov 2, 2011
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Yes, you read correctly. An Oregon woman, Elizabeth Herrick, had photos taken of herself, naked, inside a nasty horse carcass.

Source: Huff Post – WARNING: This story contains photos and material that are extremely graphic and may be disturbing. After caring for a 32-year-old horse in declining health, Elizabeth Herrick and her boyfriend Joshua Washburn put it down with a single gunshot from a large calibre rifle. What they did next has sparked “extreme emotional reactions,” and even death threats. “People are shocked … horrified. It’s extremely shocking,” Washington County Sgt. Dave Thompson told The Huffington Post. Once the couple shot and gutted the horse, 21-year-old Elizabeth took off her clothing, climbed inside the carcass and took photos. After posting them online, the couple was met with an avalanche of criticism that lead to a police investigation for animal cruelty. As well as photos of Elizabeth inside the horse’s body, there are many others, one of which appears to depict the couple posing with the animal’s heart. The couple’s explanation for the photos — and later eating the animal? According to authorities at the department, the pair wanted to feel “one with the horse” and nature. “This is definitely number one on the oddity list,” Thompson said. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

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12 years ago

That loony broad has a fine ass on her. Someone get her to Porn Valley, STAT!

12 years ago

I agree with crunkleschwitz. If that girl wants to feel at one with nature, she needs to shoot a scene for Facial Abuse. It’s the only way.

12 years ago

🙂 Throw her right in to the deep end, I like the way you think. Maybe a rough DP while she tries to belt out the Mr. Ed theme song.

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