According to Lauren Phillips ‘Derek Hay Runs TRPWL’

Mar 23, 2018
Adult Business
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When the first Nexxxt Level piece came out, everyone’s favorite fake redhead took offense and began tweeting at me. In complete denial about her relationship with Nexxxt Level owner and director Jonathan Morgan, she soon blocked me. It was painful, but I soon got over it, and began messing with James “Content Trade and Coke” Bartholet. After reading an awesome Bartholet post someone sent it to  Lauren Phillips. That sort of makes me mad, as I would rather have it tweeted for traffic purposes.

I’ve seen a text where Lauren claims that Derek Hay owns this website.

You mean to tell me this whole time I’ve been paying the server fees for something Hay owns?  I pay 154.00 a month multiplied by 72 months, WTF?  Hay owes me $11,088.00 in server fees alone.

I had no choice but to ask Derek about him owning TRPWL. I figured, I’ll send him the screencap, he sees it, then slips and says yea TRPWL, I own TRPWL.The POW, I ask him for 11 grand.

Unfortunately for me, He completely denied owning TRPWL, but as you can see, he’s clearly a huge fan:

“Despite my deep admiration for the journalistic qualities of TRPWL and the adult press in general, especially the value of investigative journalism, which is so often under appreciated in favor of vapid ‘press releases’, I have never had an ambition so to be involved myself, and have not a spare second in my work week between running my own three businesses to be involved in such ventures. I am flattered that Ms. Philips thinks otherwise, but it is not the case. I would also venture to suggest that my own writing style is distinctive and readers would be able to tell if it is was me – lol, ”

Why would Lauren Phillips think Hay owns TRPWL when everyone else thinks FSC and APAC own it?  Because Jonathan and Andre live in a world where they think the only one who has an issue with them breaking the rules is Derek, when the truth is every agency I talked with has an issue with the way Nexxxt Level does business .



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3 years ago

Haha. Gold

Lisa Ann’s hair
Lisa Ann’s hair
3 years ago

She’s a moron and a shitty performer to boot

3 years ago

God Dammit. And I FUCKING LOVE Lauren. *Sigh* Oh well, everyone gets a little misguided every once in a while I guess. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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