Accused Sex Offender Antonio “GONZO” Gonzalez Back in BIZ

Sep 6, 2011
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So Antonio Adrian Gonzalez takes pics of underage girls at his house, gets arrested for sexual exploitation involving minors, furnishing obscene material to minors, sexual misconduct with minors and sexual abuse…And the fine people in Arizona grant him permission to– :NOTE: THAT DEFENDANT IS PERMITTED TO CONDUCT HIS EMPLOYMENT AS A PHOTOGRAPHER AND THAT THE DEFENDANT CAN TAKE HIS DOG FOR A WALK FOUR TIMES A DAY FOR THIRTY MINUTES A PIECE AND THAT DEFENDANT CAN TRAVEL FOR FAMILY PURPOSES…Oops they forgot to add that defendant can hang out at the local high school with his camera as long as its before 530pm on odd numbered days…WTF is wrong with people…

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12 years ago

Isn’t this the guy who was recruiting girls for Backroom Casting Couch?

There’s a thread on GFY where people claim he is/was blackmailing girls on Facebook.

Innocent until proven guilty
Innocent until proven guilty
12 years ago

Do your research before you publish crap. Gonzo is not allowed to be around minors while his case is pending.

Innocent until proven guilty
Innocent until proven guilty
12 years ago

You obviously are too ignorant a fuck to understand the meaning of the phrase “having one’s day in court”.

BTW, his case is old news by at least 2 months. Is this the best you can do for this POS site?

11 years ago

Porn4all, you jackass, let a jury decide - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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