BIPOC Founder Sinnamon Love Investigated For Financial Crimes #BIPOCScam

Oct 5, 2020
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A month ago, I briefly touched on The BIPOC Collective and its founder Sinnamon Love. For those that are new to the site, or don’t know what the BIPOC Collective is, it’s the group that popped up in porn soon after George Floyd died.  Like other activist groups, BIPOC was created to make money for its creators, while pretending to care about the well being of African American performers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

As much as I wanna keep this short and sweet, it may turn into an essay you’d likely expect from one of those guys who writes for pussy.

Lets just start with how it started

George Floyd died on May 25, 2020.  Protests were started almost immediately, in porn however, it took a few days for the “Pay me because I’m black” crowd to start. Don’t believe me? Go look at B level and below POC performers.. From bat shit crazy Demi, to the ‘Only reason I’m here is Floyd’ Lasha Lane. Shit Lasha, a nobody prior to May 25th, parlayed the Floyd death into a seat on APAC, and a position in the BIPOC Collective.

And people fell for the pressure, guilt of society and actually gave some of these people money.

Enter Sinnamon Love, a former performer who hadn’t shot a scene in years.   A self proclaimed advocate for the black performer, she jumped into action to protect her own. Just a few things wrong that.

If you go through her Twitter, prior to Floyd, you really don’t her much about the plight of the black sex worker. Probably because it’s wasn’t financially beneficial to her.

Floyd was the catalyst for most of the the “pay me cus I’m black” rhetoric. BLM had been around since King Obama ruled, but the Floyd death was the most public and brutal officer involved white on black crime since its inception, and its earned many an organization extra income. Sinnamon, no stranger to stealing, preying on the weak and taking their money, saw an opportunity.

What most of you don’t know is Sinnamon is married to someone who has been convicted by the Federal Government for Financial crimes…

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Announces Regional Results of Operation Broken Trust, Targeting Investment Fraud

I’ve redacted the names, XXX is Sinnamon’s husband, his financial crimes date back to the 80’s. All of this info is public, and pulled from pubic records.

United States vs. MS—S, a 61-year-old resident of San Diego, California, was sentenced on December 6, 2010, to serve five months in prison and five months of community confinement, three years of supervised release upon release from incarceration, and restitution of $159,750, following his guilty plea to conspiracy to commit fraud. S was one of three individuals charged in the Missoula Division with participating in a scheme and conspiracy to defraud by operating a telemarketing boiler room scam under the business name “Children’s Family Films” (CFF). CFF consisted of several individuals who would cold call investors and try to sell them investment shares in CFF. The callers adopted aliases and posed as former investors in order to convince new investors to pay money into the scam. WM and XXX also pled guilty and were sentenced for their participation in the CFF scheme. The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service and prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Ryan M. Archer.

XXX deposited an estimated $50,000 of investor monies per month into the CFF bank accounts. XXX opened a cellular phone account using an alias. The phone number was then used by M, XXX and other co-conspirators to call CFF investors, using aliases. XXX sent proceeds from CFF via Western Union wire transfers to other co-conspirators.

XXX and other co-conspirators to vouched for the legitimacy of CFF by posing as several alleged prior investors in CFF. Using aliases, XXX and others would be referred to interested investors to legitimize CFF’s investments. XXX and others would confirm to the interested investors that their fictitious investments in CFF had yielded double and triple returns

While this was going on, Sinnamon and XXX were married the whole time. I’m told she was implicated in this, as were others, but he was the one who went to prison. Throughout all those trying times, their love never wavered, they remained married. How sweet.

So Floyd dies on May 25th. The BIPOC Collective Domain was purchased on June 12th.

Sinnamon and her hubby where already planning how to spend Whitey’s hard earned cash when it hit them, POW. How can we make money when we are both criminals and one of us is still paying court ordered restitution? I know, lets still live together but file for divorce.

Lets recap, Sinnamon and her Hubby find a way to capitalize off the death of Floyd, they buy a domain, and eliminate the convicted felon from the equation. Now what?

Create a fundraiser and send out a PR.

Dated June 23rd, a week after the petition for divorce was filed.

So the PR goes out, and both AVN and XBIZ ran with it. Why not? Who are they to question the legitimacy of this group? And what would of happened if they did? Trying times to say the least.

So there’s a time stamp on this, Sinnamon had to get this going as fast as possible. Instead of putting in the effort, creating a non-profit with a board of directors, legit bank accounts and a reputable name attached to it, they rushed it out the door within in a week.  Why? They needed to do it while Floyd’s death was still front page. The more guilt they can inflict, the deeper the pockets.  Fortunately for Sinnamon and her Hubby, more POC would die at the hands of police, making her scam a goldmine.

Several studios have already cut checks, I’m told BIPOC has collected close to 18k plus another 5 in the fundraiser..

California is a community property state, that means any money Sinnamon scams is legally her husbands as well.  He’s still paying restitution on his federal offense.  Not only that, the feds frown upon people like XXX being involved in any type of fundraising, and he would certainly hinder Sinnamons efforts to draw any time of salary off a non-profit.  Sinnamon told via twitter she’s looking for a permanent sponsor.

Getting rid of the husband was step one, but much like Phyllisha Ann and IEAU, it has to stay in house. Sinnamon needs someone connected to adult, but someone she can control. A go between for the money.. Those people, unwittingly are now part of Sinnamons and XXX’s criminal conspiracy

We will get into them and that in part 2


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3 years ago

she stopped doing porn for 10+ years. What a scam BIPOC is.

2 years ago
Reply to  noname

What IS BIPOC and, what is BIPOC Collective, you retard? How many OTHER BIPOC’s are there, racist retard? Who inhabited the earth first, not a whitey?? WHERE did turds like you come from, not so whitey?

Is ANYONE “pure whitey” anymore, asshole?

How much WELFARE do YOU SCAM to sit home and fap your tiny dicklette?

Welfare was designed for disabled people and not LAZY racists.

joe blow
joe blow
3 years ago

bipoc using racism to steal money from the gubment. nothing unusual for black people in this country. sick of this 501c scam jobbers and grifters who want everything for free at the tax payers expense.

2 years ago
Reply to  joe blow

NOT paying TAXES makes you a super Un-American racist.

gigolo code
gigolo code
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff

yo niggnogg shut your boot lips.

2 years ago

“For those that are new to the site, or don’t know what the BIPOC Collective is, it’s the group that popped up in porn soon after George Floyd died.” This of course like everything else posted here is NOT TRUE. EVERYONE who does porn or sex work should be paid the same, regardless of race. This cause, BiPOC Collective, also protects everyone on porn sets from any abuse. Try reading, you LIAR. Also, Sinnamon was NEVER investigated for ANYTHING, unlike the retard who runs this shit show “thinks”. Ask the retard when BiPOC was created? Then ask the retard LIAR… Read more »

2 years ago

“BIPOC Adult Industry Collective emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. Established in 2000, we’re an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support.”

2000?? Gonna apologize for being a fucking liar?

Red Reddington
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

You’re an idiot Jeff’ She didn’t start stealing until Floyd was accidentally killed while resisting arrest..Does David know you spend all day online?

2 years ago
Reply to  Red Reddington

For running this site into the ground, please RESEARCH when Bipoc-AIC was founded in 2000. And what YEAR was Floyd killed by a racist like yourself? Can you DO that woman hater faggot liar?

How UGLY are you to never be in porn, faggot?

CLOSE this lying piece of shut site down before you are sued and imprisoned, you faggot. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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