Adult Performers Lobby State Senators To #stopAB1576

Jun 24, 2014
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A contingent of adult film performers and filmmakers, as well as medical and legal experts, are making the rounds in Sacramento in advance of tomorrow’s Senate Panel hearing on AB 1576, the state-wide mandatory condoms bill which would essentially criminalize adult production in California.

Adult Performers Lobby CA State Senators To #stopAB1576 Attorney Karen Tynan (far left) with (left-to-right) Chanel Preston, Fivestar, and Lorelei Lee

Attorney Karen Tynan (far left) with (left-to-right) Chanel Preston, Fivestar, and Lorelei Lee

Adult business representatives at the capitol to lobby California state Senators include Lorelei Lee, Chanel Preston and Fivestar.

The group bas been very busy today answering questions from legislators and staff, and dispelling the misinformation — and disinformation — spread by Assemblymember Isadore Hall and AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Lorelei Lee Lobbies State Senators To #stopAB1576

AB 1576 is opposed by adult performers and performer groups who say the bill will drive production underground and make sets less safe.

“Hall has portrayed performers as a public health hazard,” says Free Speech Coalition CEO Diane Duke, “using discredited studies that read like Victorian pulp novels. This isn’t about protecting performers, this is a morality crusade aimed at driving a legal, regulated business out of the state and underground.”

AB 1576 denies performers control of their own body, their own sexuality, and their own privacy.

Assemblymember Isadore Hall (D-AHF) never approached performers to find out what they wanted — he gave them what he and Michael Weinstein wanted. That’s why the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, the Transgender Law Center, the Erotic Service Providers Union, the Center for Sex and Culture, St. James Infirmary, the Adult Performers Advocacy Committee and others stand in opposition to a bill that strips performers of vital protections.

Attorney Karen Tynan tells TRPWL, “We are getting a great reception from the legislators and staff members. We know that Hall is working hard and calling in every possible favor.”

Tomorrow, the state Senate Labor and Industrial Relations panel will take up AB 1576, and TRPWL will bring you live coverage.

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