Adult Production Moratorium Lifted As of Friday — All Performers Who Worked with HIV+ Talent Test Negative

Dec 12, 2013
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The final remaining HIV test from a performer who shot with the HIV+ male performer has come back negative, and the production moratorium is lifted effective Friday, December 13th.

This final remaining test result (from a performer who went to a personal physician) was returned today — Thursday.

As noted by FSC/PASS on Tuesday, all performers must have a clean test dated Dec. 5, 2013 or after in order to be cleared to work.

The HIV RNA Aptima test used by PASS has a 7-10 day window, meaning that it can identify HIV within 7-10 days of transmission. FSC/PASS waits at least 14 days after any possible exposure before lifting the moratorium for added accuracy, and to make sure that nothing was missed. The Dec. 5 date is two weeks after the performer’s last shoot, on Nov. 21.


The production moratorium was called on December 5, after an adult film performer came up HIV-positive during routine screening. Production was immediately halted while “first generation” contacts (those who had contact with the positive performer that could potentially transmit the virus) were tested. Adult performers are tested every fourteen days for a slate of STIs, including HIV.

An FAQ about STIs, Testing and Moratoriums

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