Alabama Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Castrate Some Sex Offenders Before Release; The Homer Law?

Oct 15, 2013
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Rep. Steve Hurst of Munford, Ala., wants convicted child predators to be punished just a little bit more prior to being released from prison.

His bill, which is set to be introduced in three months for the 2014 legislative session, requires sex offenders over the age of 21 whose victims were 12 or younger to be surgically castrated before being released. Physical castration removes the testicles.


Under Hurst’s bill, the sex offender would have to put up the money for his own castration.

Hurst tried to pass another version of the same bill last year, but failed to make it out of committee.

At least nine U.S. states, including California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin, have some sort of chemical castration mandate in their laws, CNN reported last year.

Chemical castration involves drugs, which are administered via injection or tablets, to reduce sexual activity. The effects are reversible when the person stops taking the drug.

Several countries outside of the U.S., including Argentina, Australia, Estonia, Israel, Moldova, New Zealand, Poland and Russia, also have a variety of ways to use chemical castration.

Moldova legalized the practice for convicted criminals last year. The Amnesty International called the practice of chemical castration “inhuman treatment.” Following Moldova’s legalization of the process, the group released a statement saying “any crime shall be punished in a way that abides by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Clearly, in the cases of minors raped, public opinion tilts towards harsher sentences.

Hurst explained: “At first sight, forced chemical castration could be taken as a matter-of-course decision; however, it is incompatible with human rights, which are the foundation of any civilized democratic society.”


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10 years ago

Can’t do it. Castration is a short sighted punishment. The urges will still be there, only they will manifest in the form of violence instead of sexual aggression. Basically, instead of lusting for the victims, they will resent the victims for giving them urges, and they will likely make the jump to murder.

Only way to cure pedos is to kill them. It is what is best for out children and society.

10 years ago

If this law passes I will volunteer to castrate these fucks for free. I am not a medical doctor but it can’t be that hard to cut off some child molester’s dick and balls. Of course physical castration is just another way to execute someone as the majority of people physically castrated die from the surgery anyway. That is why the other states use chemical castration instead.

BTW the few that survive physical castration are called eunichs after the surgery is done.

10 years ago
Reply to  mharris127

Easiest way would me to use an Elastrator. Tiny, strong rubber band that is stretched around the nutsack and left on there. It cuts off blood flow so the testicles and yam bag just turn purple, then black, and falls off eventually. That is how they often do goats and sheep.

10 years ago
Reply to  crunkleschwitz

I don’t know if that would work on humans as it does on cows, goats and sheep or if the “lucky” recipient would just be in a lot of pain and get one hell of an infection. That also doesn’t take care of the guys dick, that would have to be removed as well to eliminate the chances of them fucking any more kids. However, I like the idea of physically castrating child molesters and think all 50 states and all of the US territories should adopt the practice. Hell, castrate all rapists while you are at it. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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