Amber Lynn Still Refuses To Say No To Prop 60

Aug 1, 2016
Adult Business News
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Last week I started compiling a list of adult talent who support Prop60. Because its late, I won’t go into to much about Prop60, it definitely would the the worst thing to happen to the adult industry since I’ve been around..I have not heard of any legit performer who supports it..

For the 2nd time in the last 24 hours, Amber tweeted me telling me to take her off the list, she even called from a blocked number and left a voicemail..


To which I replied:


And she said:


I even gave her another chance to tweet NoProp60


Her reply:


So lets recap, I accuse Amber Lynn of being for Prop60, she tweets me that’s not true, when I ask her to prove it by tweeting NoProp60, she threatens me with a lawyer..

To me, it looks like she’s for it, since she refuses to come out against it. A neutral vote is the same as a Yes vote IMO..So in the spirit of that, Amber you and your lawyer can go fuck yourself..,

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7 years ago

You cannot be sued for implying that someone may or may not support something. It’s opinion. Just like Trump can’t be sued for saying that Hillary is like the devil.

Ramon VM
7 years ago

As far as I’m concerned, that woman is mad. In the past, I’ve paid her for some private minutes during her cam shows. Except for the first time, Amber ended scolding and very angry with me because my credit limit was reached. Arguing that she “do not work for free”. Whats wrong with her? - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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