Another Black Rose Talent Horror Story

Oct 20, 2017
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BlackRose Talnety

Porn agents are powerful people, not in the John Gotti sense, but, once they have you under contract, you either play ball or you don’t pay your rent. I’ve been doing this for a little over 6 years, and have yet to see anyone condemn these guys outside of the bloggers. At what point does APAC and FSC step in an openly warn talent about some of the shady practices that go on with some of these low level agencies.

The Big 3, Spiegler, LAD, and ATMLA may get 25% of their talent base as legit first timers. For the most part, new girls have to work their way thru the minors before they get their shot at the big time. Unfortunately, there is nothing in place to keep these girls from getting fucked over…Agencies like Black Rose Talent, Plush, or Glamour rarely have the best interests of the girl when it comes to doing business. To them, it’s a self serving industry that already carries a bad reputation filled with people who for the most part, no one ever takes seriously.

Shit needs to change…

Rarely do I print emails verbatim, outside of removing a few names this email is in original form…

I was approached by Victor of Black Rose Talent aka Angry Midget Films in April right after I filmed my first scene with We spoke through email and then through the phone. He offered to have me come down to Florida to start my career. He assured me a month was mandatory for girls of my “type” and I planned to head to Florida in June. June came and i drove fifteen hours down to Melbourne, Florida to the black rose model house. Little did i know at the time this was the residence of someone’s and it was not what Victor said it would be. I arrived at the Black Rose Talent model house at around 8-9 in the morning after driving for 15 hours. I was greeted by Jack Moore completely naked. Balls out naked. He tried to hug me, I was in shock and tried to make it quick.

This is only where the house of horrors began. I am immediately pressured into “shooting content” with both Jack and Victor. I let them know I was not tested and that I would shoot with condoms only. I suppose Victor and Jack made an executive decision to shoot anyway. Jack and I shot a blowjob scene (no paperwork was filled out), and he went down on me during the scene. I was made completely uncomfortable that he took liberty to put my health at risk and when the scene ended i scolded him for it. he just responded to me with “i couldn’t help myself”. This will become a running theme throughout my month long stay here. Shortly after shooting this scene I meet other models of Black Rose Talent who have all fallen for Victor’s tricks about “shooting with him”. He insists and insists that you can use his “big black cock” for shooting “content” as long as you put it up on fetlife first (so he can garner his likes and popularity off fucking fetlife) and absolutely do not show his face because he is a professional actor, in the circles of “really important people” (what he told me). I immediately do not grant him his request of “shooting content” with me because I think that fucking my agent is unnecessary and unprofessional, which i told him. He backed off but completely and totally backed off. He stopped getting me the few scenes he claimed to have got me, which i now know are total lies there are a lot of companies and producers that refuse to shoot with him because of his stories. My passport was stolen out of that house , by Victor I believe, which is not the first time something like this has happened to models of black rose (missing id’s).

Here is my story of being sexually assaulted by Victor. So Victor and Jack ALWAYS and I mean always, insisted on enforcing the  no clothing in the house rule. So I was stepping out of the shower with a towel on my head and victor was sitting at the kitchen table “working”. He stopped to watch me walk into the kitchen and grabbed my naked breast as i walked past and sucked it. I slapped his hand away with complete disgust and told him if he ever touched me again he would sincerely regret it. From then on out our working relationship went completely down hill. He began using me for rides for other models, asking me to give the other models money, supplies for their shoots like makeup and soap/shampoo, and began turning me down for shoots. He claimed no one wanted to work with me despite how hard he tried. We all have heard that excuse before. I refused to fuck him and he threw a fit. There were other models in the house that have far more horrifying stories than me. Girls who actually were raped by Victor, girls who felt pressured to keep their career afloat so they had coercive sex with him. Girls who were taken from broken homes and put into more broken situations. XXXXXXXX left after Victor terrified her enough (with what tactics i cannot positively confirm) and was picked up from a shoot by her FAMILY. He makes fake twitters and fetlife accounts for his models and runs them as the model when its really him. He did this for XXXXXXXXXX, I can confirm.

He forces his models into being his “pets” and “subs” so that he can pass us around to his friends who he calls producers. Everyone that works with him seems to be aware of his extremely dangerous, extremely predatory behaviors but no one does anything. I do not think this man should be allowed around young women. This is his second or third reincarnation of a talent agency, which is a bad sign. He gives his models fake contracts, he did this to XXXXXXXXXXX I can confirm, and tells us that black rose is licensed and bonded, which it is not. He tells us not to ever contact former models, gee I wonder why? I can also confirm that his given name is not Victor and that it is something else based off of his ID that I saw while in Florida.

Saturday is his partner out in LA who I have only spoken over the phone but apparently carries the same reputation as Victor in Florida. He told me we were going to get married and that I was his girlfriend after we spoke on the phone once. He too forces models to sleep with him for work and opportunity without revealing that he actually has no clout and that no one respects him in the adult industry. I really wish that men like this were not a part of the industry, they are the reason why documentaries like hot girls wanted get made. Pathetic men with severe mental health issues and instead of fixing them they take it out on young women around them. I still carry trauma of dealing with them and I thought I did better than most. If there is anything else I can give you, feel free to ask. If there are other models you would like to corroborate this story with, I can help lead you in that direction.


A few days after this post went up, BlackRose shut down their website

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Max Cherry
2 years ago

First of all if a sexual assault took place then this performer needs to contact the local authorities and file the necessary paperwork for an assault charge. Hopefully this was advised by TRPWL upon receipt of this email. This performer admits driving 15 hours to Florida on the hopes of making her situation better by becoming a porn performer. There was no mention of coercement in her letter, she made a business decision to invest her time and gas money, as do all the performers starting out, to see if they can make a go of it. It’s not so… Read more »

2 years ago

You go get her!! Don’t take no for answer. Just because she turned down the marriage proposal over the phone it doesn’t count. EVERYONE knows that a no over the phone really is a woman’s way of making you ask her in person. Don’t give up on true love brother. It may take constant communication. Just keep knocking on that door of romance until it crumbles from the sheer weight of persistence. If all that fails just do it the time tested and true “Pornland” way. Pay her, shoot her and blackmail the fuck out of her…… P.S. To the… Read more »

2 years ago

Isn’t Jack Moore older then dirt. An I mean the river Jordan silt. Not none of this new world dirt. Taboo Uncle Jack ? Man if this is true…i’m done with porn. This shit is the last believable story line left. If your 78, living in Florida and not tapping some really nice Kate England type taco then man there’s something wrong with HER..not you…because that is real fucking life!! I can’t wait till I get that age and it all finally happens to me like it is for Jack. The realest actor out there because it’s his life …my… Read more »

2 years ago

Yes, models have to be careful, but they should never be treated to events like this. No one should. Ever. Period. Hopefully Black Rose will not re-appear again. Some of the models who either said they worked with Black Rose, or Black Rose said they worked for them are: Alex More Anneliese Snow Carli Evelyn Cassidy Blanc Charlene Liana (Florida) Freya Von Doom Giselle D’Ambrosio D’Ambrosia Haley Reed aka Amy FTV Jeleana Marie Kelsey Obsession Lala DelRey Lolita Bella Luci Lovett Lolita Malina Mars Melissa Rose Nixy Faye Norah Gold (Colorado Springs CO) Reverend Arielle Rosalee Red (Oklahoma) Saiomy Fox… Read more »

2 years ago

MAX CHERRY SEXUALLY ASSAULTED ME. I was a part of Black Rose Talent, Max was my ONLY shoot, and he sexually assaulted when bond with rope. A lot like this experience actually, no wonder he’s so defensive for Black Rose. He lost a lot of potential victims. I have screenshots of him promising not to do anything sexual via email, screenshots of him AFTER saying he did nothing to me on a board on fetlife(he was accused by many at once publicly), screenshots saying I never got STD tested, but the dumb ass posted his video of him sexually assaulting… Read more »

2 years ago

And just so were clear, the Max Cherry I speak of is the Max Cherry who came running to this forum in defense.

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