“Anti-rape” pants: Which is sillier, the feminist overreaction or the pants themselves?

Nov 7, 2013
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Note that they’re getting crowd-funding for the “rape-resistant” knickers that lock at the waist and upper thighs and look about as comfortable as a wet bathing suit constructed from steel cable.


The idea (according to the vid) is: You go clubbing, but with “anti-rape” pants on underneath your minidress. Then you drink yourself silly and pass out–but the guy who tries to take advantage of you can’t get your pants off, so he just gives up and moves on. Right!

The video has predictably stirred up an ideological frenzy among feminists. Here’s Feministing getting hot and bothered because the anti-rape wear may not fit fat ladies and trannies:

  1. Won’t those people be more likely to be unable to afford magic anti-rape underwear, or have bodies, invisible or mocked in popular imagination, that don’t fit into clothes designed for thin, able-bodied, cis women like your models?

  2. Are these thin, able-bodied, cis women the only kind of people who deserve not to be raped?

  3. When did we forget anti-violence work is a collective, not individualized,


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