APAC Chair Ginger Banks “Doesn’t Give A Fuck About” About The Opinions Of Performers

Aug 21, 2018
Adult Business
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Ginger Banks is the absolute worst person I have come across in the last 2 years. For the people that read this site, thats a pretty big insult.

She’s supposed to be the one who cares about EVERYONE’S opinion, at least publicly. That’s her job, she’s an APAC board member, APAC stands for ‘Adult Performer Advocacy Committee’. Now I’m not as smart as disgraced blogger Micheal Strother. but to me, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee is the group of people elected by their peers, in this case porn people, to advocate on behalf of performers..

Ginger is so hated performers have adopted the #NotMyAdvocate hash tag.. Trust me when I say this video wont win her any new fans…Way to go APAC

APAC's Ginger Banks Saying She Doesnt Care About Perfomers Opinions from Brad Jones on Vimeo.

Ginger Banks is NO advocate, she’s a disgusting self-serving piece of shit

This is the original, the embed code was acting wonkey

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Talking Head
4 years ago

This horse face looser seeking extra income proves mental challenged.
The FSC needs to bounce this APAC garbage.
Stupid ass ditsy Tasha Reign ? Really ? now this stupid bitch
Her scenes are the worse ensemble of exactly how not tom perform. She howls like a wounded beached mammal.

She opens her stupid ass mouth and incrimination begins with no end till next time she opens her fly trap sewer hole mouth.

The me too movement is better served individually

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