APAC’s Performer Code of Conduct

Jan 3, 2017
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This is from the APAC website..

Performer Code of Conduct

         APAC created the Performer Code of Conduct because we believe that producers, studio crew, and agents have a right to work with performers who conduct themselves professionally on and off set.  The document encourages performers to take their jobs seriously while having a fun and enthusiastic experience.  To that end, the items in the Performer Code of Conduct are indications to performers of reasonable producer, crew, and agent expectations when performers are hired for a scene.  The code of conduct will also help new performers interact with experienced performers in a professional and respectful way.

As a performer I will be prepared, professional and educated in the following ways:

-I will show up on time for my shoot.

-I will be prepared for my shoot which includes, but is not limited to, being clean, knowing my lines, and having the necessary wardrobe or anything else that you personally require in order to complete a successful day at work.

-I will be educated and compliant with the sexual health protocols of the studio I am working for.

-I will check to be sure that I, and my scene partners, have the same    understanding of STD protocols and performer health on set.

I will not be under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol.

-I will ask my scene partner their boundaries prior to performing and respect those boundaries throughout the work day.

-I will discuss my limits with my scene partner and director prior to performing and acknowledge and respect my limits while performing.

-I will be aware of how my choices outside of work affect my fellow performers. This includes, but is not limited to how I protect myself during personal sexual relations, and how I take care of my body, health, and hygiene.

-I will be respectful to all people in regards to race, gender, and sexual orientation on set.

-I will have a good-natured and welcoming attitude, particularly when new or inexperienced performers are on set.

-I will work toward a community of educated and unified performers.

I’m guessing these rules are honor system, since half the talent pool wouldn’t pass a drug test.. Imagine a porn world, much like a normal job, where drug testing was done either regularly or randomly? The only guy I know who uses drug tests is Mark Spiegler..

It drug use that brought Bay, Daily and Burts HIV to the set..Their reckless disregard for others coupled with the weakness associated with drug usage caused them to do things a drug free person most likely wouldn’t..
What good are rules if no one follows them? I asked Chanel Preston if APAC could actually enforce its rules/guidelines
The Model Bill of Rights and the Performer Code of Conduct are used as guidelines to establish the expectations people should have of a professional environment but, unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to police them too much. Although, If an APAC Stamp holder is found to be in regular violation of the Model Bill of Rights we can remove them as an APAC Stamp holder and remove them from our site. There is an option on our site to report these violations and other complaints so if we receive enough of these we can then investigate and speak directly with the producer/director.
As for performers, there are not any repercussions. Again, we see them mostly as guidelines and not rules. Eventually we may be able to do more with this but this is at least a start to establishing what it means to be a professional performer. We have brainstormed possible APAC certification for performers that includes a light training but this is still in the beginning stages.
Yea, she is a great speller and uses that little sideways slash..
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4 years ago

If the broads can’t be pilled up on set, then how they get through double anal? Gotta wash down some muscle relaxors w/ Cuervo for that, no?

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