Auto Correct: The Brooke Haze Story

Jul 8, 2019
Adult Business
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Sometimes it pays to spell check your tweets.  Especially when using the word rape

It took awhile, but Brooke deletes the tweet and blamed auto correct

Here’s hoping Liz doesn’t get raped and beaten

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1 year ago

Lol Brooke is such a PoS

8 months ago
Reply to  Sean

LOL well lucky for you and I guess for these people they released all of her legal information like her legal name her address her phone number and now she’s getting harassed in stock so hopefully there’s not another suicide because of this industry and people like you guys because Cameron the girl Wasn’t so fucking innocent herself considering all that got posted was all that Brooks said not anything that Cameron had said to her and yeah everyone makes fucking auto correct mistakes so if a girl kills her self in this industry again because people are bullying and… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  anon

Actually that is not true. She was outed long ago. I just have to search wayward or archives for the exact date but I believe it was in 2016. Not trying to discredit you or make it seem like people haven’t found her info here. Just stating a fact. Saying if she kills herself it is all on us or him is quite a leap, though. EVEN if she hypothetically did choose to leave. Almost all research shows people don’t just commit suicide out of the blue. It never just once incident. Usually preceded by battles with depression or some… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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