AVN: Xander Corvus Tests Negative for HIV

Aug 23, 2013
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CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Seeking to end speculation about his HIV status, Xander Corvus came forward today to report that he’s tested negative for HIV. Corvus shot a sex scene with Cameron Bay—the last one she performed in—before she was confirmed yesterday to have HIV.


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Corvus visited AVN today with his agents, Sandra McCarthy and Anthony DeConinck from OC Modeling, seeking to clear his name, which emerged during the controversy this week.

Corvus, a popular male performer, worked with Bay for Kink.com’s site PublicDisgrace.com on July 31, and has tested negative for all STIs, including HIV and Hepatitis-C, twice since that sexual encounter. OC Modeling confirmed to AVN that the dates of Corvus’ negative HIV tests were Aug. 5 and Aug. 20. Corvus was tested for Hep-C only on Aug. 12. All tests were performed at Cutting Edge Testing (CET).

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Prior to the scene for PublicDisgrace.com on July 31, Corvus’ previous negative test was July 24.

“I definitely feel for [Bay], poor girl,” Corvus told AVN. “She’s so cute and a really kind girl. She made mistakes but it’s not like she got HIV by being responsible. A bird didn’t just drop it on her.”

This news also ends mainstream media speculation that Corvus could have exposed Anthony Weiner sexting paramour Sydney Leathers to HIV, after working with her for Vivid Entertainment in a shoot that took place on Aug. 17. He was cleared to work in that scene via the clean test he took on Aug. 5.

Corvus was on set at a shoot on Wednesday when the production company he was working for got notification from APHSS about an industry-wide moratorium. The production company immediately shut the set down, which occurred before the scene was shot. Later Wednesday evening, Corvus was informed that he might have been exposed to HIV after his agents at OC Modeling told him what was happening.

“Most people in the industry wouldn’t come forward, but we owe it to ourselves and the people we work with to not hide anything,” Corvus said. “Sack up, and say what’s right. Take responsibility for what you’ve done. The right thing to do as a human being is obvious. At the end of the day it falls on everyone’s own self to be responsible.”

Though OC Modeling was unhappy that Corvus and the agency were not contacted by APHSS on Wednesday to inform Corvus that he was possibly exposed to HIV, a point FSC CEO Diane Duke concedes, Corvus was in fact already cleared in the APHSS database as a result of his two subsequent clean tests after working with Bay.

“I’ll be real honest and tell you that it was my mistake [for not making sure Corvus or OC were contacted],” Duke told AVN. “When I was gathering all the information and in the process of making sure all the folks were notified who needed to be notified, I was able to use the APHSS system to see if Xander was cleared to work, which he was, and then I was able to see the dates of his last tests, which cleared him because he was negative. I should have made sure Dr. Miao contacted him. It was an honest mistake and I’m happy to talk with OC Modeling and with Xander to explain.”

Corvus said that he’s looking forward to getting back to work and that he hopes his fellow performers involved in the situation all test clean.

“It’s very fortunate that Xander has been cleared to work; he’s eager to, and he works almost every day,” OC Modeling co-owner McCarthy told AVN. “We’re all hoping for the best for everyone and that all performers can return to work safe.”

Corvus said that he plans on testing again today and that he would post the results on his Twitter page for all to see.

Adding more speculation to the fire that has caught the attention of the mainstream media worldwide, industry blogger Mike South incorrectly identified Corvus as having worked with Jennifer White in a gangbang that took place last Saturday for Devil’s Film. Notified quickly that he had misidentified Corvus in a group photo from the shoot, South quickly changed his tune and admitted that he got it wrong.


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Goldstein Army
Goldstein Army
9 years ago

Oy Vey. Mike South should keep his Shylock nose out of an industry he has nothing to do with.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
9 years ago
Reply to  Goldstein Army

Two words are missing from the end of this article: ‘AS USUAL.’

Anthony Kennerson
9 years ago

And, of course, Jennifer White has announced that she is free and clear and clean of any STI, including HIV. Which knocks out the theory that Cameron Bay’s boyfriend, whom was rumored to have participated in that anal gangbang, might have been infected at that time. This is looking more and more like a case of an isolated infection which was caught in time by the system. In other words, not the smoking gun for the condom mandate that AHF and their sycophants were looking forward to using. Though, I’m betting that won’t stop their press releases from burning up… Read more »

9 years ago

I’m so happy for him, he’s one of my favorite performers.

9 years ago
Reply to  Carrie

Also, now that Xander has been confirmed HIV-, hopefully people will stop speculating about other performers & just let APHSS do their job.

9 years ago

Rob Black could not be reached for comment.

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