Creepy Best Buy Geek Steals Naked Photos, Posts Them Online

Aug 13, 2013
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Best Buy is under fire after a woman allegedly found out a Geek Squad employee posted her nude photos online.

Unfortunately for the alleged victim, the possible criminal case was thrown out as time for charges expired, reported, though she will still go through with her civil lawsuit.

The University of Alabama art student, who didn’t want to reveal her name and said she used the nude photos for her art, filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against Best Buy earlier last week, WSFA reported.

The seven-page civil lawsuit claimed that in August 2011, the plaintiff, who worked at the same Best Buy in Tuscaloosa with the alleged photo thief, brought her computer to the store and paid to have a problem with her hard drive fixed.

She says the unnamed Geek Squad employee sent her nude photos circulating on the web, including the file-sharing website Pirate Bay.geek“She never posted them on any social media and kept them only for reference or professional use for art,” Attorney Steven Heninger said.

Heninger told WSFA he does not know whether the Geek Squad employee was fired.

Police Sgt. Brent Blankley told the statute of limitations on any criminal allegations had run its course. He said the Tuscaloosa Police Department’s case against the employee would be closed because prosecution would have only been allowed if the crime had been reported within 12 months of its commission.

This isn’t the first time a Geek Squad employee has decided to grab a customer’s nude pictures from a computer instead of finding porn plastered literally everywhere else on the Internet. In 2007, William E. Giffels was fired after he admitted to storing a customer’s nude pictures on his personal flash drive, according to The Star Tribune.

Last year, CNET News reported a woman allegedly told Best Buy that over 900 photos–including some provocative ones–from her phone were now in the hands of a Geek Squad employee, who was later fired by the company.


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10 years ago

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