Beware of Any Agency NOT Using PASS: LovesXXXmodels

Sep 28, 2018
Adult Business
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Have no clue who these guys are, but, according to their email, they are NOT using PASS, instead they use Planned Parenthood. In the event of a porn talent HIV pop, Planned Parenthood has no protocol in place to prevent the spread of HIV to OTHER performers. Any performer using anything other than PASS approved testing centers is a fucking idiot.

About Us:

?We are a fully licensed Adult Talent Agency located in Las Vegas, Nevada We have been in business since 2009 and strive towards being the BEST ! We represent talent nationwide for adult films, webcam, hosting and more. We are continuously growing daily and always seeking new opportunities for our talent.  Our motto is : ” Respect first, Money second “…….. If you are interested in joining our agency, please click on the contact link and we will contact you within 48 hours.

?Thank you, LovesXXXmodels

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Jay Hollywood
4 years ago

Hello, this is Jay Hollywood of LovesXXXmodels, please be aware that, yes we use Pass, so you all get a better understanding about the Planned Parenthood Test, due to the fact that I pay for travel, room and board, I require the talent to get tested before they arrive, so I don’t lose funding provided. Once they pass that, then we take them to Talent Testing. Simple, if they can’t pass the first test, what sense doesn’t it make to fly them to Vegas/Los Angeles. Thank you, Jay

4 years ago

Wow, just wow. Lets be clear that Jay Hollywood is just another keyboard pimp aka suitcase pimp aka a simp. – he was NEVER licensed as talent agency in California( – he was never licensed as ANY type of business in Los Angeles or Hollywood – he never rented or leased office space anywhere in Los Angeles or Hollywood(he worked from his laptop at Starbucks) – the “talent” on his poorly designed website looks like he recruits from Figueroa St at nighttime. – A quick glance at his twitter page shows that he thinks a single $100 LED light from… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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