Booty Dancing And Peeing Contradict Abuse Allegation [VIDEO]

Feb 10, 2013
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A bizarre video released by Miami Beach Police shows two Canadian sisters “booty” dancing and urinating on chairs. Were they just having a good time or were they the victims of police harassment?

On December 23, Michele and Angelina Mastrangelo, 20 and 24, of Toronto, were arrested for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest as they smoked outside of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Police say the sisters acted belligerently and then resisted arrest. The sisters maintain the officers used excessive force.

“He dragged her to his cop car, threw her against the car and told her, ‘you are in my playground now bitch,'” one sister described to Miami New Times. They allege mistreatment throughout their 11 hours in jail, eventually filing a complaint against the two officers.

“I think [the video] shows just really bizarre behavior by these girls,” Miami Beach police chief Raymond Martinez told the Toronto Star. “It substantiates what the officers wrote in their arrest form … about the girls being the aggressors, not following the instructions of officers.”

booty sisters

But the women maintain that if the audio of the video is released, it would prove that the officers insulted and taunted them. “They were all making fun of us, calling us fat, so we got up and danced to show them that we didn’t give a s—,” Angelina told Torstar News.

The video also shows one of the sisters reportedly urinating on a chair and then wiping her soiled backside on multiple chairs, according to the Random Pixels blog who confirmed with a police spokesperson.

“We actually had to call a decontamination contractor to decontaminate the room,” Martinez told WSVN.

Thursday Michele and Angelina appeared before a judge, who fined them $250 each and ordered them to do 25 hours of community service when they return to Canada, CBS Miami reports.


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