Bunny Ranch Brothel Unveils “Game Of Thrones Sexual Experience”

Jun 1, 2016
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dennis hof

Inspired by the HBO smash hit series “Game Of Thrones”, Bunny Ranch legal brothel owner Dennis Hof is announcing his “Game Of Thrones Experience”, inspired by the infamous brothel operated by GOT’s “Littlefinger” villain.  Hof, himself an alum of HBO’s long running “Cathouse” series, has acquiesced to overwhelming demand to recreate the themes associated with television’s most popular show.

“I’m a modern day Littlefinger” Hof boasts, elaborating that as a fan of the series, he closely identifies with the show’s devious bordello proprietor.  “I think he’s often misunderstood.  Running this kind of business is hard, no matter what century you’re in, and I think I’m one of the few people who can really relate to him”.

The experience includes an unlimited number of legal prostitutes, well versed in the show’s themes and prepared to incorporate them into intricate role playing scenarios.

“Every Sunday, I invite the girls to my house for a Game Of Thrones watching party, and the story lines often end up carrying over into our bedroom activities.  We enjoy having our own after-party, and I want to share that experience with the clients of my brothels who also happen to be fans of the show.”

Hof says that a lot of the show’s BDSM overtones were easy to recreate, because each of his brothels is already equipped with a full service medieval dungeon.  “We’ve already had several fans of the show opt for the “walk of shame” package, which involves a naked parade starting in the Bunny Ranch parlor and leading to a complete circumnavigation of our property.  Passing motorists were doing double takes and slowing traffic, so everybody got a free show that day.”

Littlefinger is known to harbor secrets of Game Of Thrones’ wealthy power brokers that he gleans from spying on them during flagrante delecto with his courtesans, and Hof says that even that experience can be replicated upon request.  “I keep lots of powerful people’s secrets here at the ranch, but if you want the voyeuristic element we can easily have myself or the girls secretly watch you play out your darkest fantasies.  It would even save me a little money on a cable subscription.”


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