Carmen Callaway Gets Caught Stealing, Then Lies About It!!

Sep 1, 2016
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The other day, performer Carmen Callaway publicly accused ATMLA of shady practices.. I reached out to Agency owner for a comment and was provided the following:

ATMLA prides itself on holding a firm zero tolerance policy involving performers who are caught conducting themselves in unacceptable behavior. This policy includes but not limited to actions involving domestic violence, fraudulent testing and stealing. Its rare if not unprecedented for me to participate in any public shaming, but due to the nature of circumstances in a recent situation involving an ATMLA performer who I have released from representation, I am compelled to write this statement of information and provide a timeline of facts and communication regarding this particular situation. All members of our industry should be held accountable for their actions.

August 18th – Carmen Callaway was scheduled and worked for a production client. The scene was a Solo scene. Payment to Carmen was to be made the next day via a bank transfer from the producer to a bank account provided by Carmen.

August 19th – Carmen reported that the funds were not received.

August 20th & 21st ( Sat & Sun ) Carmen reported that the funds were not received.

August 22nd – The producer received a report that the transfer was successful. I then questioned Carmen again, and again she stated that she hasnt received the transfer of funds.

August 23rd – I contacted Carmen again to confirm she received the funds, she again stated “Not Confirmed”

After further investigation, it was discovered that the producer mistakenly utilized a prior bank account number on file instead of the one provided for this payment. I asked Carmen about the status of this account and was told the account was closed. Knowing that she needed the money, I quickly cashed a check and made a cash deposit into her correct account so that she had immediate access to the funds.

Between August 23rd and August 29th, there was never any mention of Carmen receiving the original payment of $500.

On August 27th, Carmen did successfully show up for a scheduled “Creampie Orgy Scene” that was previously booked a week prior. Unfortunately, she showed up on set on her menstrual cycle and the director was not able to proceed with the shoot. Carmen was fully aware of the creampie scene, and also fully aware that she could not be on her menstrual cycle.

Between the time she was sent home from set on Aug 27th, not able to work, and during the 2 days that followed, Carmen blasted me on twitter accusing me of numerous acts and blaming me for all of these troubles incurred by her.

On Monday, August 29th, the producer was able to confirm that the original transfer did in fact transfer successfully into an active account. Upon this realization, I made contact with a personal bank executive contact and asked him to investigate both accounts for evidence of received funds. The following information was provided;

On Aug 22nd, a $500 transfer was successfully received into the bank account that Carmen stated was CLOSED.

On Aug 23rd, a transfer was made of $500 from the above account into the other account number that Carmen had provided.

On August 30th, I emailed Carmen and informed her of these facts and findings regarding the receipt of double payments for her shoot, providing her a 24 hour window of opportunity to admit her actions and return the $500 double payment. I also sent a text message notifying of this email being sent. After waiting 48 hours, and no response, I felt it was necessary for me to make a public statement regarding these circumstances.

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7 years ago

Does her webcam not work? Sextpanther? Dreamlover? If there is “no work” shooting, it seems that there are several different options other than stealing.

7 years ago

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