Crystal Clark Drops ‘My Stepmom Breaks Her Glasses!’ @crystalclarkxo

Feb 29, 2024
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crystal clark

Model Crystal Clark’s newest release ‘My Stepmom Breaks Her Glasses!’ shows what can happen when someone’s spectacles get broken. The taboo movie was written and directed by Crystal and co-stars Oliver Faze as her stepson.

Oliver comes home from college one afternoon when he hears some noises upstairs. He discovers his stepmom, Crystal frantically searching around for some scotch tape. It seems Crystal broke her eyeglasses and without them is blind as a bat. Oliver startles Crystal and she briefly thinks he is his father since they look similar. Oliver offers to go buy her some scotch tape to repair her glasses.

When he gets back, Crystal tries and fails to tape her popular style of eyeglasses together. Oliver is in shock at what she couldn’t see, and decides to test it out. He whips out his penis and wags it back and forth, but Crystal couldn’t even tell what it was. Oliver says it was just his belt, and asks for help in getting it off. Crystal being the wonderful stepmom that she is, agreed to help Oliver and starts tugging on his penis. Oliver didn’t last long and Crystal was confused, then he excuses himself to get cleaned up.

The following day Crystal stumbles into Oliver’s bedroom trying to hand him her broken glasses and asks if he would call his dad to see if their insurance covers eyeglasses. Oliver says he would but doesn’t and lies, telling Crystal his dad just got home. Oliver walks up the stairs and lowers his voice, and Crystal thinks it’s her husband and she begins to tell him about her day. Crystal, being cautious not to bump into anything, starts to crawl towards Oliver, unaware of who he really is, and reminiscing about their honeymoon. Crystal begins to suck Oliver’s cock and he quickly cums in her mouth.

A day later Crystal has ordered new glasses online, but looking at a screen without glasses makes her tired and she lays down for a nap. Oliver sitting on the couch was thinking of the lustful possibilities that could happen with Crystal mixing him up with his father and begins to play with himself.

Oliver’s fantasies come to fruition as Crystal comes out of her bedroom and discovers him jerking off on the couch, thinking it’s her husband waiting for her. She strips down and begins to blow Oliver. Then climbs on top and rides him, which was the hottest part of Oliver’s day. He wants to take control and bends her over, before flipping her around to look into her eyes. Crystal opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue for Oliver to drop a big load in her mouth. Just after he finishes the doorbell rang, with a delivery person having Crystal’s new glasses. Oliver quickly dashes back to his room and wonders if he should break her new pair too.

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