Dear Gianna Dior, The Answer to Your Question is NO!!!!!! #AnaFoxxx

Mar 14, 2023
Adult Business
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A few days ago, Award winning Spiegler girl Gianna Dior asked a question that’s been plaguing mankind for years


No, she doesn’t.

And every single bad thing thats ever happened to her, according to her, was because she’s black, not because she’s a raging fucking cunt who most people can’t stand. God forbid you call her out for her fake “mad black women” routine..Do that and she calls in angry mad black women on steroids Demi “Blacks killing Blacks is fine” Sutra.

Together, they will try and tag team cancel you, which might be fun if there was a script and it was shot by Quasar. But unfortunately, their everyone is racist shtick is low budget crap with zero originality, straight out of the Sinnamon Love give me money cuz of slavery handbook.


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