Dollar Rubber Club Will Mail Condoms To Your Home Each Month

Jun 20, 2012
Health, Safety & Testing
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A naughty new startup called the Dollar Rubber Club — which mails its subscribers a pack of latex prophylactics every month for a flat fee — is not the “Netflix of condoms,” its co-founder Dan Elwell tells me over Skype.

“[We’re] different than Netflix,” he explains. “We don’t want the condoms back.”

Still, the comparison to Netflix is — like so many sexual attractions — somewhat irresistible. After you sign up for membership in the Dollar Rubber Club, the postman will deliver a box of condoms to your home in discreet packaging once per month. The amount you pay ranges from $1 to $10 — $1 gets you three condoms per month and $10 gets you 12 condoms per month. You can configure your condom delivery in a few ways: by monthly number of condoms (three-pack, six-pack or twelve-pack); brand (Trojan or Lifestyle); and style of condom (ribbed, lubricated, ultra-thin or a variety fun pack mixture of all three).

The three-pack costs $1 per month, plus $2 shipping; the six-pack is $5 with free shipping; and the 12-pack is either $9 or $10, depending on whether you want the fun pack, with shipping included. Your selection depends, presumably, on the precise number of times you expect to have sex each month.

These prices constitute, as the Dollar Rubber Club’s wink-wink nudge-nudge slogan goes, “the best bang for your buck.”

As part of the price, the condoms arrive in a silk bag, something Elwell assured me the average guy “can feel proud having in his sock drawer.”

The Dollar Rubber Club is the brainchild of Dan Elwell and Anthony Eagelton, two friends tired of the awkward, untimely visits to the pharmacy to pick up their contraceptives. The men, both married, felt there was a better way for guys and gals to obtain their rubbers, and now they find themselves with a warehouse full of unused condoms, ready to be disseminated around the United States (and soon Canada).

Their wives, though initially mortified, are now apparently on board with the venture and have even told friends and family about it.

Anyway, if the Dollar Rubber Club sounds good to you, you can sign up right now. The service started in June and is currently accepting new members. Payment is done via PayPal, and you can cancel or switch plans — if your monthly condom requirements suddenly fluctuate for some reason — at any time. Enrollment takes place at the startup’s homepage.

The Dollar Rubber Club is a fledgling company, so the options are somewhat limited at this time. You can, however, expect additions to the service in the near future, including a third brand of condom as well as various — ahem — sexual lubricants. And what if you require more than 12 condoms per month?

“Good for you!” Elwell said.


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