Donations made to help sex trafficking victims

Nov 17, 2013
Sex Crimes
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A new state fund set up to help sex trafficking victims in Nevada has received its first donations.

Representatives of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Nevada and the Religious Alliance in Nevada presented more than $3,500 Thursday to state Health and Human Services Director Mike Willden.

Assembly Bill 311 passed by the 2013 Legislature set up the fund and authorized the state to accept donations to fight human trafficking.

The money will be used for programs or services to help victims, including children forced into prostitution.


Source AP

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
10 years ago

The involvement of religious groups in the so-called “anti-trafficking movement” is yet another cause for skepticism about the extent of the problem and the degree to which it’s been exploited for propaganda purposes.

I’d bet 75 cents of every dollar these guys collect will either end up in their pockets or being used to expand their fund-raising.

10 years ago

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